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Family of Hiram BARKLEY and Mary Ann WILSON

Hiram BARKLEY b. 1830 May 3654 at Yates Co., NY84. d. 1861 Oct 28654.
Mary Ann WILSON b. 1832~1050 at Hornsby, New York44.

Married44 1856~1050.

Lucille Barkley, wife of Wesley Barkley, Hiram Barkley's grandson, stated that Hiram was born in Monterey (Schuyler Co) and Hiram's wife was Mary Ann Wilson, born in Hornsby. She also stated that William Barkley was the only son of Hiram.

In 1855, Hiram is listed as a carpenter.

The date of marriage for Hiram and Mary Ann is estmated from Albertina's birthdate.

Mary Ann is probably the daughter of William and Margaret Wilson (both born Ireland), as the Wilsons are close neighbors to the Barkleys in Bradford, and there appears to be no other logical candidates for Mary Ann Wilson as a spouse to Hiram.

Children of Hiram BARKLEY and Mary Ann WILSON:

1. Albertina BARKLEY1050 b. 1857~1050 at New York1050.
2. William R BARKLEY33 b. 1859 Dec 101061 at Orange, New York44. d. 1933 Jul 271061. bd. Bradford Cem., Bradford, New York34.

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