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Family of Eleazer VEAZIE and Mary MARKHAM

Eleazer VEAZIE b. 1714 Nov 262852 at Braintree, MA2852.
Mary MARKHAM b. 1710 May 14587 at Middletown, CT587.

Married587 1745/6 Jan 20587 at Middletown, CT587.

"Eleazer the son of Eleazer Veasey & Lydia his wife was born the 26th. day of November 1714."2852

Encyclopedia of Connecticut Biography, which is accurate in other information with regard to the Veazie family (dates, locations, etc.) as compared to other records, has Eleazer moving to Connecticut after wife Anne's death (no reference document for her death or his emigration), and marrying there May Markham. Neither Sprague nor Hillman lists Eleazer's marriage to May Markham. Connecticut Town Birth Records587 has (Middletown Vital Records 1651-1854) Eleazer md 1745/6 Jan 20, Mary Markham. Other records in that collection have their children and their marriages.

The main question is whether this Eleazer emigrated to Connecticut and marry Mary Markham. If his wife Anne died soon after co-signing a deed (Suffolk Deeds, 76:197) with him in 1743 (her last occurrence in the records according to Hillman), Eleazer may well have had reason to leave the area. He had been involved in 1741 and 1742 in (at least) seven cases of actionable behavior, according to Plymouth Co Court records (, and had been confined in the Boston jail for debt. In addition, on Oct 23, 1741 (per Braintree First Church records), he was suspended from communion for "disorderly unchristian life.."

Further research may uncover more of his story.
Mary Markham may be the daugther of James and Elizabeth (Lock) Markham, b 1710 May 14, in Middletown, CT (src 587).

Children of Eleazer VEAZIE and Mary MARKHAM:

1. Mary VEAZIE587 b. 1746/7 Jan 4587 at Middletown, CT587. d. 1765 Mar 25587 at Middletown, CT587.
md. Josiah ROBBERDS
2. Eleazer VEAZIE494 b. 1748 Sep 4494 at Middletown, CT587.
md. Mary BROWN

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