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Family of Peter WEAVER and Mercy BUTLER

Peter WEAVER b. 1822~656 at New York656. d. bef 1858657.
Mercy BUTLER b. 183134 at Steuben Co., New York38. d. 190634. bd. Bradford Cem., Bradford, NY34.

Married656 1847~656. 1865 Census NY, Bradford lists Mercy Barkley (wife of Franklin Barkley at that time) as married 2 times. Mary H. Weaver is listed as child in the household. Assume Mercy married 1st WEAVER. Possibility that Franklin Barkley married 1st WEAVER!

Mercy's maiden name and Peter Weaver's first name is taken from Nettie W Weaver's death listing1061. Mercy married first about 1847 Peter Weaver. That date is assumed from the date of their child Emily, age 2, as she appears in the 1850 census for Bradford, NY, listed with Peter and Mercy Weaver. Mercy and Peter had children: Emily, born ~1848; Mary Helen, born April 1851; and Henrietta (Nettie), born ~1854. Peter apparently died before 1858, the assumed marriage date for Mercy Butler Weaver and Franklin Barkley. Mary Helen and Nettie are listed with the surname "Barkley" in 1860 and 1865. But, in the 1870 and 1880 censuses, they're listed as "Weaver." In the 1865 census, Mercy is listed as being married 2 times and the mother of 7 children. Those children were 3 by her first husband Peter Weaver, as mentioned above, and 4 by Franklin Barkley, listed herein.

Child 3. HenriettaAlthough Henrietta ("Nettie") is listed in the 1860 census as "Henrietta Barkley," she is listed in the 1875 census for Bradford in Franklin and Mercy's household as "Nettie Weaver," and, in 1880, is listed as the step-daughter of Franklin Barkley.

Children of Peter WEAVER and Mercy BUTLER:

1. Emily WEAVER656 b. 1848~656 at New York656.
2. Mary Helen WEAVER38 b. 1851 Apr1083 at Steuben Co., NY38.
3. Henrietta Nettie WEAVER56, 657 b. 1854~657 at Steuben Co., NY38.

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