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Family of James (m33) W BARKLEY and Mary BARKLEY

James (m33) W BARKLEY b. 1765 Aug 25654. d. 1799 May 17654 at prob Montgomery, Orange Co., New York1149.
Mary BARKLEY b. 1769 Feb 12654. d. 1800 Oct 12654.


The information for James W Barkley and his family is, at this time (2011), based primarily on a "Barkley Family List"654 written out by Hyla Barkley Veazie, James W's great-granddaughter, through James W's son James (not James Gaston, who apparently died young). That list was written as an inclusion in a letter dated Dec 17, 1950, from Hyla to her nephew Fred Barkley and his wife, Margaret. That list, primarily marriages and birthdates, was later complemented by a list of death dates, again prepared by Hyla Barkley Veazie, probably sometime in the early 1950s.

Though those lists were apparently just from memory, much of the information is corroborated from independent references.

For instance, James W's will1149, "yeoman of Montgomery Co Orange N Y," was written (or dictated) by him, 2 May 1799, possibly in anticipation of his own imminent death. The will was proved 13 June 1799 by Samuel Barkley and Peter Milspaugh, two of his executors, and sealed 14 Jun 1799. That would seem to indicate that James W died after 2 May 1799 and prior to 13 June. Hyla Barkley Veazie lists his death date as 17 May 1799, consistent with the will abstract.

James W's will mentions wife Mary (bequeathed $300 in lieu of her dower); brothers Hugh, Joseph and William; sisters Jane and Mary; daughters Sarah L[?] and Lucretia; and son James, not yet of age. Son James was to be executor when of age. James W's personal estate was to be sold and his real estate rented until son James was of age. "Friends" Samuel Barkley (possibly his uncle), Abraham Coldwell and Peter Milspaugh were appointed as executors. The will was declared [in front of?] Peter Milspaugh, John Ingham and Samuel S Barkley.

If Hyla Barkley Veazie's dates are correct, it would appear that son James Gaston had died by that time and the son James mentioned in the will was James born shortly before in April.

It appears significant that son James was bequeathed, following the other distributions mentioned, "all the remainder of my Estates." That strongly implies that, other than James W's brothers as mentioned, son James was his father's sole male heir; i.e., that sons William and James Gaston had died by the time the will was written. Son William would have been the oldest son and more likely to be executor when of age; sons William and James Gaston would normally have received at least a share of the estate; and neither was otherwise mentioned.

Williams death date is estimated from the date of the will, and James Gaston's death date is assumed from surviving son James' birth date.

Son James was born84 in Orange County, NY. It is assumed James W lived there at the time of James' birth.

Child 1. William

William was not mentioned in his father's will1149. It is assumed he died prior to 2 May 1799, the date that will was signed.

Child 4. James

James Gaston's death date is assumed from the birth date of younger brother James.

Children of James (m33) W BARKLEY and Mary BARKLEY:

1. William BARKLEY654 b. 1790 Sep 10654. d. before 1799 May 21149.
2. Sarah BARKLEY654 b. 1792 Sep 24654. d. after Feb 18151226.
md. Daniel (m30) BARKLEY
3. Lucretia BARKLEY654 b. 1794 Dec 31654. d. after May 17991149.
md. 1) Alexander MILLSPAUGH
md. 2) --- HARRIS
4. James Gaston BARKLEY654 b. 1797 Feb 25654. d. before Apr 17991149.
5. James BARKLEY654 b. 1799 Apr 29654 at Orange Co., NY84. d. 1875 Oct 1534 at prob Bradford, NY34. bd. Bradford Cem., Bradford, New York34.
md. 1) Cornelia VANGORDER
md. 2) Matilda MCWHORTER

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