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Family of William (Ensign) VEAZIE and Mary SAUNDERS

William (Ensign) VEAZIE b. 1647 Oct 6567 at Braintree, MA567. d. 1725 Feb 24 bef4930. bd. Christ Church, Boston, MA4930.
Mary SAUNDERS b. 1653 Dec 12937 at Braintree, MA937. d. bef 1718?800.

Married841 1673~841.

William2852 "sonne of William Veazie & Elinor His wife was Borne the 6 of the 8 month." (Julian calendar.)

IN GENERAL, THE DESCENDENTS OF ENSIGN WILLIAM VESEY SPELL THE SURNAME "VESEY," others usually Veazie or similar variation. Apochryphally, William Vesey may have intentionally changed the spelling of his name to distinguish himself from others of his family, as he was a staunch supporter of the Church of England (Episcopalian), as opposed to the Puritan form of worship (as espoused by Cotton Mather,) and denied the authority of King William. He had been reported4945 to have stated that King James was his "true prince."

Hillman800, referencing Suffolk County Court Records, relates that, in June, 1696, a "Day of Publick Thanksgiving" had been declared as a day of rest by the Governor and Council for discovering a plot for the assassination of King William III. All servile labor was forbidden on that day. Two men, whose boat had been becalmed off Veazie's land, saw Veazie plowing, and were invited to his house. A libelous conversation ensued, wherein Veazie stated that he knew not "how this King came to the crown," and that "King James was the Royal Prince." The men reported him to the authorities and Veazie was sent to the pillory for his transgression. Mention of that pillory was also made in Trinity Church History4945, referencing Sewall's Diary. "Wm. Veisey" had been bound over for ploughing on Thanksgiving.

Regarding Mary's date of death, Hillman800 references a 1718 deed between William Veazie and his son Benjamin. Mary may died by that time as she did not co-sign the deed.

Child 3. Ellin

Ellin Vesey died841 young.

Child 4. John

Of this John Vesey, Sprague841 has "died young."

Child 9. Samuel

Samuel died4255 aged "about 8 years."

Child 10. Josiah

Josiah "Veasy" was baptised944 [1689] "23-12, Josiah, son of Wm & Mary Veasy." Assumed to be the 23rd day of the 12th month.

Children of William (Ensign) VEAZIE and Mary SAUNDERS:

1. William (Rev) VESEY567 b. 1674 Aug 102852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1746844.
md. Mary READE
2. Mary VESEY841 b. 1675 Dec 26841 at (bapt) Braintree, MA841. d. aft May 1, 17464047.
md. 1) Moses PENNIMAN
md. 2) Joseph GREEN
3. Ellin VESEY800 b. 1676/7 Mar 4841 at (bapt) Braintree, MA841.
4. John VESEY800 b. 1678 Mar 31841 at (bapt) Braintree, MA841.
5. Elinor VESEY841, 800 b. 1680 Oct 17841 at (bapt) Braintree, MA841. d. aft May 1, 17464047.
md. Henry TURNER
6. Elizabeth VESEY800 b. 1682 Apr 9841 at (bapt) Braintree, MA841.
7. John VESEY800 b. 1683 Apr 22841 at (bapt) Braintree, MA841. d. aft May 1 17464047.
md. Elizabeth (w of John) VESEY
8. Hannah VESEY800 b. 1684/5 Mar 22841 at (bapt) Braintree, MA841. d. bef Mar 31, 1753991.
md. Nathan BRACKETT
9. Samuel VESEY b. 1686/7 Mar 20841 at (bapt) Braintree, MA841. d. 1695 Nov 54255 at Braintree, MA4255.
10. Josiah VESEY944 b. 1689/90 Feb 23944 at (bapt) Braintree, MA944. d. 1717/18 Jan 302852 at Braintree, MA2852.
11. Benjamin VESEY841 b. 1694/5 Feb 17841 at Braintree, MA841. d. 1767 Jan 14944 at Braintree, MA944.
md. Dorothy SPEAR
12. Samuel VESEY b. 1697 Jul 25841 at Braintree, MA841. d. 1697841.

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