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Family of John BONNER and Mary Millicent MCGOWAN

John BONNER b. 1891 Sep 4797 at Grangemont, Scotland797. d. 1961 Jan 8797 at Buffalo, NY797.
Mary Millicent MCGOWAN b. 1897 Aug 28797. d. 1982 Dec 28797 at Detroit, MI797.

Married797 1922797 at Rochester, NY797.

Children of John BONNER and Mary Millicent MCGOWAN:

1. Thomas Neville BONNER797 b. 1923 May 28797 at Rochester, NY797.
md. 1) Joan COMPTON
md. 2) Sylvia Mariella FUNHEBER
2. James BONNER797 b. 1924 Sep 20797 at Rochester, NY797.
md. Florence Agnes SABATINO
3. Elleen BONNER797 b. 1927 Jan 19797.
md. Arthur KESBY

797. McGowan, James - Descendants of, from Mary McGowan Donermeyer