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Family of Benjamin VEAZIE and Abigail WINSLOW

Benjamin VEAZIE b. 1745 Feb 9567 at Braintree, MA567. d. 1814 Jun 28947 at Providence, RI947. bd. North Burial Ground, Providence, RI840.
Abigail WINSLOW b. 1750 Jan 20854 at Boston, MA854. d. 1827 Sep 212256 at prob Providence, RI4381. bd. North Burial Ground, Providence, RI2256.

Married2255 1773 Apr 292255 at Boston, MA2255.

Child 1. Benjamin

Winslow823 has Benjamin "died unmarried," and a deathdate Sept 19 (perhaps a mistranscription.) RI VR947, of Benjamin's death: died "suddenly, in his 45th year." His death date on a Veazie cemetery memorial840 reads "Died Sept. 20, 1819, in His 46th Year."

Child 4. Mary

Mary is likely the "Polly" Veazie mentioned in the 1819 will5004 of Benjamin Veazie. Winslow Memorial823 and Rhode Island Cemeteries2256 have Mary's death date Feb 14, 1844. Rhode Island Index2257 has Feb 17, 1844.

Child 8. Joseph

The Rhode Island Birth-Marriage-Death index2257 has Joseph Veazie, s of Benjamin, died May 17, 1863, Providence, RI. Joseph may be the Joseph Vezie who appears in the 1830 census for Providence (East Side of the River), RI.

In an affidavit4832 deposed by his cousin Mary (Veazie) White, daughter of Silas Veazie, Mary stated that, a few years before his decease, Joseph paid for and had erected, in the old churchyard of the First Parish in Braintree, monumental slabs. They were in memory of his (and her) grandparents Benjamin and Mary Veazie, their aunts Mary and Susan Veazie, and their uncle Joseph Veazie.

Children of Benjamin VEAZIE and Abigail WINSLOW:

1. Benjamin VEAZIE823 b. 1773 Oct 16823. d. 1819 Sep 20947 at Providence, RI947. bd. North Burial Ground, Providence, RI2256.
2. Abigail VEAZIE823 b. 1775 Aug 9823. d. 1840 Mar 222257 at Providence, RI2257.
md. John PALMER
3. Joseph VEAZIE823 b. 1777 Mar 9823. d. 1779 Feb823.
4. Mary (Polly) VEAZIE823 b. 1779 Aug 17823. d. 1844 Feb 142256. bd. North Burial Ground, Providence, RI2256.
5. Joseph VEAZIE823 b. 1781 Aug 17823. d. 1783 Feb823.
6. John VEAZIE823 b. 1782 Feb 28823. d. 1821 Aug 14381 at Providence, RI4381. bd. North Burial Ground, Providence, RI840.
md. Dinah AKA Diana MOWRY
7. Sally VEAZIE823 b. 1784 Dec 28823. d. 1846 Jul 102256. bd. North Burial Ground, Providence, RI840.
8. Joseph VEAZIE823 b. 1788 Dec 28823. d. 1863 May 172257 at Providence, RI2257.
9. Susan VEAZIE823 b. 1790 Apr 5823. d. 1791 Apr 9823.
10. Samuel VEAZIE823 b. 1792 Jul 18823. d. 1836 Jul 142256. bd. North Burial Ground, Providence, RI2256.

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