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Family of Benjamin VESEY and Abigail BRACKETT

Benjamin VESEY b. 1738 Apr 11944 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1776 Mar 4944 at Quincy, MA944. bd. Quincy/Braintree, MA944.
Abigail BRACKETT b. 1740 Apr 13 (bapt)944 at Braintree, MA944. d. 1815 Oct 15841.

Married829 1761 Apr 30829 at Braintree, MA829.

Bates2852 has Benjamin's birth date as April 11, in Braintree, MA, with no year indicated. As he was baptised389 on Apr 27, 1738, the year 1738 is assumed.

Brackett991 has Abigail's birtth as Apr 13 1740. That would seem to be a reference to her baptism944, rather than birth.

After Benjamin's death, Abilgail married944 in Braintree, MA, Dec 31, 1777, David Bass. Note: the reference944 is to Quincy, MA, records, but the town of Quincy wasn't incorporated from the North Precinct of Braintree until 1792.

Children of Benjamin VESEY and Abigail BRACKETT:

1. Abigail VESEY389 b. 1762 Mar 16389 at Braintree, MA389.
md. William STEPHENS
2. Benjamin VESEY944 b. 1764 Mar 234096 at (bapt) Christ Church, Braintree, MA4096. d. abt Oct, 18285336 at prob Perry, OH5336.
md. 1) Dorothy SPEAR
md. 2) Eunice LAMB
md. 3) Rebecca GRAHAM
3. William VESEY944 b. 1766 May 25944 at (bapt) Braintree, MA944. d. 1817~4946 at Braintree, VT4946.
md. 1) Polly BURRIDGE
md. 2) Keziah DARBY
4. Dorothy VESEY800 b. 1771 Sep 22944 at (bapt) Braintree, MA944.

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