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Family of Samuel VEAZIE and Mary TALMAGE

Samuel VEAZIE b. 1656 Aug 242852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1696 Dec843 at at sea841.
Mary TALMAGE b. 1667/8 Jan 13843 at Boston, MA843. d. bef 1691 Nov 25843.

Married841 1686~.

Hillman800 identifies Samuel's first wife as Mary Talmage. Sprague841 has "Mary (Talmage ? ...)" Both have Mary Talmage as the daughter of William and Elizabeth (Pierce?) Talmage. Both have the marriage date as about 1686, probably estimating it from the birthdate of their first child.

Samuel and "Mary" Veazie (various spellings of the surname) had children843 born in Boston, MA, prior to Nov 25, 1691, when Samuel married843 (apparently his second wife) Mary Vergoose, so first wife Mary is clearly not Mary Vergoose (Virgoose).

However, neither Hillman nor Sprague provide an indication linking the surname Talmage to the first wife of Samuel Veazie. Arthur White Talmadge4819, describing William Talmage (Talmidge, Talmadge), has Williams second wife Elizabeth Pierce. Talmadge lists two daughters, the second one (Mary), born Jan 13, 1668. Talmadge concludes that those children seem to have died without issue, noting that Ann Flack, neice of William, eventually became his sole hier.

Without further information, the surname of Samuel's first wife Mary appears to be a guess.

Child 1. Mary

Mary is not mentioned in her father's will4268, dated Nov 27, 1690. As her brother Samuel is mentioned, as well as other kin, it is assumed she died prior to that date.

Child 2. Samuel

Hillman800 references "Boston Churches" by (Robert J) Dunkle & (Ann Smith) Lainhart for "Saml Veezy died 18 Oct 1691," concluding that entry refers to the first son Samuel of Samuel and Mary (Talmage) Veazie.

Children of Samuel VEAZIE and Mary TALMAGE:

1. Mary VEAZIE843 b. 1687 Jun 17843 at Boston, MA843. d. 1690 Nov bef4268.
2. Samuel VEAZIE843 b. 1689 Jun 23843 at Boston, MA843. d. 1691 Oct 18800 at Boston, MA800.

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