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Family of Samuel VEAZIE and Mary VERGOOSE

Married843 1691 Nov 25843 at Boston, MA843.

There are few records for Mary Vergoose. However, a Mary Vergoose was born843 May 22, 1672, in Boston, MA, to Isaac & Mary Vergoose. A Mary "Veazey" died938 Mar 29, 1701, "wid., dau. Isaac Goose." Boston Inhabitants4502, refcode 21754, has Isaac Vergoose/Virgoose/Goose/Goos (as his surname appears variously in records); his first wife Mary Balston, dau. of Jonathan and Mary Balston; among his children of his first wife: Mary born 1672. From that information, it is assumed that Mary Virgoose/Vergoose, wife of Samuel Veazie, was the daughter of Isaac Vergoose and Mary Balston.

Child 1. Samuel

Samuel "of Samuell and Mary Veazy" died843 Apr 17, 1694, in Boston, MA. As a previous child of the same name died in 1691, Hillman800 concludes the second child of the name Samuel was apparently the son of Samuel Veazie and Samuel's second wife Mary Vergoose, born after that second marriage.

Children of Samuel VEAZIE and Mary VERGOOSE:

1. Samuel VEAZIE843 b. 1692~843. d. 1694 Apr 17843 at Boston, MA843.

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