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Family of John VESEY and Elizabeth (w of John) VESEY


Children of John VESEY and Elizabeth (w of John) VESEY:

1. William VESEY2852 b. 1709 Nov 272852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1787 May 23840. bd. Hancock Cem, Quincy, MA840.
md. Sarah BEALE
2. Mary VESEY567 b. 1711 Aug 21567 at Braintree, MA567.
3. Francis VESEY567 b. 1713/4 Jan 1567 at Braintree, MA567.
4. Josiah VESEY567 b. 1716 Nov 1567 at Braintree, MA567. d. 1717/18 Jan 30937 at Braintree, MA937.
5. Elizabeth VESEY567 b. 1719/20 Mar 10567 at Braintree, MA567.
6. Abigail VESEY567 b. 1723 Jul 6567 at Braintree, MA567. d. 1810 Mar 30950 at Quincy, MA945.
md. Oliver GAY
7. Prudence VESEY841 b. 1727 Dec 314096 at (bapt) Christ Church, Braintree, MA4096.
8. Ebenezer VESEY841 b. 1730 Jun 21841 at (bapt) Braintree, MA841. d. bef 1782800 at prob at sea800.
md. Mary MILLER

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