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Family of Oliver GAY and Abigail VESEY

Oliver GAY b. 1719 Aug 29949 at Dedham, MA. d. 1784~841.
Abigail VESEY b. 1723 Jul 62852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1810 Mar 30950 at Quincy, MA945.

Married944 1752 Oct 22944 at Christ Church, Braintree, MA944.

"Olliuer, the son of Benjamin and Hannah Gay" was born949 in Dedham, MA, ("29 of Oagust") Aug 29, 1719.

Oliver married first5451, Jan 2, 1746, Abigail Fisher. She died 16 June 1752. They had no children.

Oliver may be the Oliver Gay of Braintree cited as a Tory in 1777 (Divided Hearts: Massachusetts Loyalists, 1765-1790 A Biographical Directory, Online database:, p 632).

Sprague: Apr 27, 1784, Thomas Boylston Adams was made guardian of Henry and Ebenezer. Oliver's nuncupative will, Sep 17, 1782, all personal estate to wife and son Benjamin equally, was allowed by the (Suffolk) court Jun. 8, 1784. That will was sworn to by Richard Cranch, Ebenezer Miller, and William Vesey Jr

See NEHGR5451: "John Gay, of Dedham, Massachusetts, and some of his Descendants," for more complete information on this family to the mid 1800s.

"Abigail Daughter of John Vesey & Elizabeth his wife born the 6th. Day of July 1723."2852

Abigail was baptised988 in King's Chapel, August, 1724.

Abigail & Oliver's marriage record944 has Oliver "of Dedham" and Abigail of Braintree. The intention was filed in Dedham Oct 4, 1752. [ Abigail's death records945950: died age 89.

Child 1. Elizabeth

Elizabeth was 944 Apr 19, 1754. She was baptized Apr 28. She is not listed among Oliver & Abigail's children in the NEHGR article951 V33:51,52.

Child 2. Hannah

"Hannah (Gay) the Daughter of Oliver Gay & Abigail his wife born Oct'r. 1st. 1755."2852 "Hannah dau. Of Oliver & Abigail Gay died Dec 21, 1773 buried 23 Dec age 18."389 (V37:158).

Child 4. Benjamin

"Benjamin Gay the son of Oliver Gay & Abigail his wife born June 13th. 1762."2852

Children of Oliver GAY and Abigail VESEY:

1. Elizabeth GAY944 b. 1754 Apr 19944 at Braintree, MA944.
2. Hannah GAY937 b. 1755 Oct 1937 at Braintree, MA937. d. 1773 Dec 21389.
3. Lydia GAY2852 b. 1758 Jul 152852 at Braintree, MA2852.
md. John TURNER
4. Benjamin GAY2852 b. 1762 Jun 132852 at Braintree, MA2852.
5. Henry Turner GAY2852 b. 1766 Feb 132852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1844 Mar 4841. bd. Christ Ch Cem, Quincy, MA841.
md. 1) Nancy BAXTER
md. 2) Prudence BAXTER
6. Ebenezer Vesey GAY937 b. 1768 Nov 18937 at Braintree, MA937. d. 1843 Oct 25 at Boston, MA.
md. Sarah (Sally) FLAGG

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