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Family of Matthew BINNEY and Sarah Robbins ELLIS

Matthew BINNEY b. 1803 Oct 8846. d. 1889 May 18886 at 90 W Newton, Boston, MA886.
Sarah Robbins ELLIS b. 1807 May 25886 at Roxbury, MA886. d. 1890 Feb 5855 at 90 W Newton St, Boston, MA855.

Married886 1827 Sep 13886 at Roxbury, MA886.

Matthew and Sarah's marriage record (src 886 Roxbury V2:31) indicates that the intention was not recorded. Their marriage was also reported in the Boston Recorder and Telegraph.

In 1850 and 1860, Matthew was an umbrella manufacturer, with combined personal and real estate values of $14000 and $63000 respectively in those years. In 1870, his occupation was "Gentleman" with a worth $84000. In 1880, he was a retired umbrella manufacturer.

Matthew died age 85y 7m 10d of old age (src886 402:167 Boston Deaths 1889 May 18).

Sarah's death record (src 855 411:59 Boston Deaths) states she died a widow, aged 82y 8m 10d, of "scirrhus of breast 8 years." She died at home at 90 W Newton St (Boston), the daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah R. Given her parent's names, her birth record (src 886 Roxbury V1:122) was located.

Children of Matthew BINNEY and Sarah Robbins ELLIS:

1. Matthew Jr BINNEY470 b. 1830~470 at MA470.
md. Mary Helen ROSS
2. Charles E BINNEY470 b. 1831~470 at MA470.
3. George H BINNEY470 b. 1840~470 at MA470.

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