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Family of Elisha THAYER and Susannah VEAZIE

Elisha THAYER b. 1779 Jul 11859 at Braintree, MA859. d. 1857 Jan 27944 at Quincy, MA944.
Susannah VEAZIE b. 1781 Jun 52852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1857 May 16855 at Braintree, MA855.

Married859 1804 Mar 1859 at Braintree, MA859. Sprague859 has "Thayer Elisha 2d & Susanna Viezee Mar. 1 1804 [int. Veazie]" for this marriage. The suffix "2d" is of note, as it appears that Thayer4822 assumes that refers not to Elisha's father, but that Elisha is the second of that name born to Zachariah Thayer. Thayer4822 has a son of Zachariah Thayer and Mary Arnold who was born Dec 8, 1776, and died young.

Sprague841, stating that the children of Zachariah Thayer and Mary Arnold are "not on record," references Thayer4822 for the parentage of Elisha Thayer.

It should be noted that Thayer appears to have several errors for this lineage. Although some information is corroborated by other records, other information which can, today, be easily checked against birth, death, marriage and census records; Thayer's information for Elisha and his descendants, which may not have been available at the time of that 1874 publication, is found to be inconsistent, or simply in error. Nevertheless, Thayer should've more clearly indicated doubt or assumption for some of the data.

Sprague841 and Thayer4822 both have Elisha's death date as Jan 27, 1857. Sprague refers to Elm St Cem gravestone information, stating "died Jan 27, 1857 a. 77yrs. 6mo, GS, Elm St. Cem. (not in Mass V.R.)." Sprague's Quincy, Mass., VR (death) entry944 has simply “Jan. 27 [1857] Elisha Thayer 78”

Thayer4822 has Erastus Thayer, born 1815; and Danforth Thayer, born 1819, as sons of Elisha and Susan Thayer. Records indicate that both Erastus and Danforth were born in Randolph, MA, and likely the sons of Elisha Thayer (1786 - 1835) and Anna Reed, not Elisha Thayer (1779 - 1857) and Susan Veazie.

Susanna Thayer died855 May 16, 1857, in Braintree, MA, of consumption. Quincy VR944, a transcription, has May 15. Handwritten record855 is preferred.

Child 3. Clarissa

In 1850868 and 18554995, Clarissa B resided with her parents. In 1860, and probably until the time of her death, she resided869 with her sister Susan Denton in the household of Susan's husband, Daniel H Denton in Braintree. Sprague841 has Clarissa died single.

Children of Elisha THAYER and Susannah VEAZIE:

1. George W THAYER859 b. 1804 Oct 23859 at Bratinree, MA859. d. 1874 May 21841 at Braintree, MA841. bd. Elm St Cem, Braintree, MA841.
md. Nancy Ann HOLLIS
2. Susannah THAYER859 b. 1808 Mar 16859 at Braintree, MA859. d. 1900 Mar 302258 at Braintree, MA2258. bd. Braintree, MA2258.
md. Daniel Hayward DENTON
3. Clarissa Bartlett THAYER841 b. 1813 Jan 5841 at Braintree, MA841. d. 1890 Jan 11841 at Braintree, MA841.
4. Elisha Strong THAYER841 b. 1817 Jun 14859 at Bratinree, MA859. d. 1900 May 132258 at Braintree, MA2258. bd. Elm St Cem., Braintree, MA841.
md. Maria F WHITE
5. Elias Moore THAYER4822 b. 1823 Dec 312258 at Braintree, MA2258. d. 1903 Feb 112258 at Braintree, MA2258. bd. Braintree, MA2258.
md. 1) Elvira R THAYER
md. 2) Ellen Maria RICHARDS

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