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Family of Elijah (Dea) VEAZIE and Beulah WESTON

Elijah (Dea) VEAZIE b. 1754 Jun 2859 at (bapt) Braintree, MA859. d. 1827 Mar 6945 at Quincy, MA945.
Beulah WESTON b. 1754 Dec 7955 at Lincoln, MA955. d. 1802 Feb 16945 at Quincy, MA945.

Married886 1774 Jun 16886 at Concord, MA886.

AVB2786 has Elijah's birthdate as May 31, 1754. Elijah and Beulah were married in Concord, MA (src 886, Concord V1, Registers II, p 241), just to the northwest of Lincoln, where Beulah was born955, and where their first child, Anna, was born. At the time of their marriage, both were "of Watertown," between Braintree and Lincoln. They were married by Thomas Whiting, Esq. Deacon Veazie owned pew no. 81 ( in The Old Church, Quincy, MA, (at least) from 1805 to his death. After Deacon Elijah's death, that pew was occupied by his son George, and owned by William Wood. Deacon Elijah's death in Quincy (src 945:3188) was also reported in The Boston Recorder and Telegraph ("Deaths Reported in the Boston Recorder and Telegraph, 1827 and 1828," Whether a transcription error or merely the date of the report, The Boston Recorder has a deathdate of Mar 16.

Beulah is probably the Beulah "Wesson," daughter955 of Stephen, Jr, and Lydia Wesson, born in Lincoln, Mass., Dec 7, 1764. "Weston" is used herein as her last name as it is more similar to other records implying her maiden name. Her first name appears as "Bulah" in her daughter Anna's birth955 entry.

Beulah died945 age 47.

Child 12. Mordecai

Though Ellis' mother's name is not given in records, she is assumed to be Beulah Weston from Elijah's marriage dates. AVB2785 has Mordecai's birthdate as Nov 1, 1796.

Child 13. Sarah

Sarah was baptized (src 944:10285) "by Mr. Norton of Weymouth." Her mother is not indicated. AVB2786 has Sarah's birthdate as Mar 19, 1799. Sarah died at the age of 4 years.

Children of Elijah (Dea) VEAZIE and Beulah WESTON:

1. Anna VEAZIE955 b. 1774 Oct 29955 at Lincoln, MA955. d. 1802 Aug 22950 at Quincy, MA945.
md. John Pray RICHARDSON
2. Eli VEAZIE937 b. 1776 Apr 28937 at Braintree, MA937. d. 1853 Mar 282613 at Chelsea, MA2613.
md. Polly (Mary) CRAWFORD
3. Elijah VEAZIE944 b. 1777 Nov 23944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1860 Oct 171800 at West Randolph, MA1800.
md. Susanna CHENEY
4. Hannah VEAZIE944 b. 1779 Nov 28944 at (bapt) First Church, Quincy, MA944. d. 1863 Dec 30880 at Quincy, MA880. bd. Hancock Cem., Quincy, MA880.
md. Lemuel DWELLE
5. Stephen VEAZIE944 b. 1781 Oct 14944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1821 May 82271 at Quincy, MA2271.
md. Abigail GLOVER
6. John VEAZIE944 b. 1783 Sep 28944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1833 Oct 24945 at Quincy, MA945. bd. Hancock Cem, Quincy, MA840.
md. Betsey PRATT
7. Esther VEAZIE841 b. 1785 Feb 20944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1824 Jun 172797 at Barnstable, MA2797.
8. Beulah VEAZIE944 b. 1786 Dec 3944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1862 Oct 252613 at Quincy, MA2613.
md. William WOOD
9. Charles VEAZIE944, 855 b. 1788 Mar 30944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1877 Jun 12855 at Boston, MA855.
md. Elizabeth Lopston P HARDWICK
10. George VEAZIE2613 b. 1790 Aug 15944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1873 Jun 162613 at Quincy, MA2613.
md. 1) Sarah HARDWICK
md. 2) Mary C PLATTS
md. 3) Dorothy Madison "Dolly" JOSSELYN
11. Mary VEAZIE2613, 841 b. 1795 Feb 22944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1823 Jun 11945 at Quincy, MA945.
md. Elisha GLOVER
12. Mordecai Ellis VEAZIE944 b. 1796 Nov 20944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1803 Oct 14945 at Quincy, MA945.
13. Sarah VEAZIE841 b. 1799 Apr 28944 at (bapt) First Church, Braintree, MA944. d. 1803 Nov 1945 at Quincy, MA945.

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