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Family of Samuel Cheney VEAZIE and Caroline E STETSON

Samuel Cheney VEAZIE b. 1816 Sep 32786 at Boston, MA841. d. 1902 Oct 301800 at Randolph, MA1800. bd. Randolph, MA1800.
Caroline E STETSON b. 1817 Mar 242375 at Randolph, MA2375. d. 1900 Aug 191800 at Randolph, MA1800. bd. Randolph, MA1800.

Married2375 1834 Sep 282375 at Randolph, MA2375.

The marriage date listed is for the intention.

Samuel's middle name and birth date is provided by AVB2786. Sprague841 has only b 1816. Although AVB's information is without reference, it should be noted that Annie was Samuel's granddaughter, had access to family history information collected by Caroline Rebecca Veazie (dau of Samuel and Caroline), and from her aunt Ella B Veazie, Samuel C Veazie's cousin.

Samuel was a bootmaker by trade, and retired sometime before 1900. He died1800 in Randolph, MA, at the age of 86y 1m 27d. His birthdate calculated from that information matches that from Annie Veazie Bower2786, perhaps from the same source.

An intention of marriage2375 was filed Feb 2, 1834, for Caroline E Stetson and Ephraim F Thayer. The certificate was not issued. Caroline died1800 in Randolph of cerebral "softening" at the age of 83y 4m 25d. Her parents, including her mother's maiden name, are listed in her death record.

Child 2. Samuel

Samuel died880 at the age of 17y 7m. Randolph deaths1800 has Leonard Veazie, d Feb 27, 1854, age 18y. His residence at that time was Pleasant St; he died of consumption, was single and a boot maker.

Child 3. Caroline

Caroline Rebecca doesn't seem to be in Randolph in 1880. She is likely the Caroline Veazie living in 1880 in the household of Henry Mirx(sp), City of Oregon, Illinois. AVB2786 states "Aunt Carrie" taught both primary and secondary grades in Illinois. AVB remembers Carrie mentioning the towns of Rochelle, Oregon and Polo. Carrie had also been appointed Superintendent of Schools in Ogle Coutny, IL, to complete the term of a man who had died. At the end of the term, she refused to run for the office herself, as she thought a woman could not win the election. AVB says Aunt Carrie lived in Samuel C Veazie's old home in Randolph when AVB visited there for the first time in 1909. "Aunt Carrie" was a retired school teacher and had invited AVB (a teacher with one year's experience) to visit her and "see the objects" of interest in the old home. Aunt Carrie had the idea that AVB should be the one to care for her in her dotage and eventually take over the old home. However, Annie went to Iowa to teach. AVB visited Aunt Carrie several times from 1916 through 1922. In 1918, AVBdid take care of Carrie while a broken arm mended. Sometime before 1925, Caroline moved to Iowa to live with her father. Caroline Rebecca died single. Hillman (Veazie Genealogy) has her death date as 8 Apr 1925; Sprague: Sep 8 1925; AVB: Sep 9, 1925; image of headstone840 Sep 8, 1925. Carrie was a teacher most of her life. AVB: Aunt Carrie was never robust but had a brilliant mind, call jokingly by her friends the "Walking Encyclopedia."

Child 4. Adeline

Adeline Cheney Veazie died880 at the age of 15m.

Child 6. Susan

The day of Susan's death date in the Randolph death register1800 is written over and may be "14," "18," or "19."

Child 8. Anna

Annie Veazie died1800 of typhoid fever at the age of 44y 6m 19d. She was a teacher.

Children of Samuel Cheney VEAZIE and Caroline E STETSON:

1. Sarah E VEAZIE841 b. 1835855 at Randolph, MA855. d. 1893 Jul 19841 at Randolph, MA841.
md. Aaron Abbott PRESCOTT
2. Samuel Leonard VEAZIE841 b. 1836841 at Randolph, MA841. d. 1854 Feb 26880 at Randolph, MA880. bd. Central Cem., Randolph, MA880.
3. Caroline Rebecca VEAZIE841 b. 1838 Dec 28841 at Randolph, MA841. d. 1925 Sep 8840 at the home of her father, north of Havelock, IA2786. bd. Central Cem, Randolph, MA880.
4. Adeline Cheney VEAZIE841 b. 1840 Aug~880 at Randolph, MA841. d. 1841 Nov 23880 at (prob) Randolph, MA880. bd. Central Cem., Randolph, MA880.
5. Elijah VEAZIE841 b. 1843 Apr 12357 at Randolph, MA2357. d. 1938 Mar 262357 at Havelock, IA2357. bd. Washington Cem., Havelock, IA840.
md. Amber May WOODARD
6. Susan Ann VEAZIE1800 b. 1846 Aug 71799 at Randolph, MA1799. d. 1851 Apr 141774 at Randolph, MA1800. bd. Central Cem., Randolph, MA880.
7. Lewis S VEAZIE1800 b. 1849 Apr 121799 at Randolph, MA1799. d. 1865 Sep 161800 at Randolph, MA1800.
8. Anna VEAZIE1799 b. 1851 Sep 81799 at Randolph, MA1799. d. 1896 Mar 271800 at Randolph, MA1800. bd. Central Cem., Randolph, MA880.

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