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Family of Benjamin Gray VEAZIE and Julia Ann CURTIS

Benjamin Gray VEAZIE b. 1824~874 at Boston, MA841. d. 1879 Nov 102625 at 152 Saint Joseph St, New Orleans, LA4987. bd. Girod Cemetery, New Orleans, LA4987.
Julia Ann CURTIS b. 1827 Jan 132070 at Morgan, VT1799. d. 1853 Jul 211800 at Randolph, MA1800.

Married6003 1846 Oct 246003 at Thompson, CT6003. "V." G. Veazie and Julia A Curtis, both of Randolph Mass., were married6003 [Thompson VR v2:145] by Vernon Stiles, J.P.

Wife Mary, daughters Fannie, Alletta and Kate, and sons Benjamin, Clarence and William (Willie) were registered1801 in Randolph Almshouse as paupers in January, February and March of 1869. One might think that Benjamin had passed away by that date. However, Benjamin's great-great-granddaughter2589 has a post card (an image of which is in this author's possession) from Benjamin's daughter Emma, dated Oct 13, 1879, after she was married and living in Cambridge, MA. Benjamin was living in New Orleans, and the card reads in part:".. Was very sorry to hear of your sickness and hope you will improve as the cold weather comes on .." Other infofrmation from that source2589 indicates Benjamin, for unknown reasons, left his family and traveled through the south, to New Orleans and Jacksonville, FL. As early as 1866, Benjamin was traveling with son Walter C Veazie in Missouri and Kansas. With that information, one finds in Jacksonville, FL, in 1870, a Benjamin G "Viesey," a retail grocer, born ~1825 in Massachusetts. In 1872, a newspaper listing2740 for letters remaining at the New Orleans post office includes "Veazie B G." A "B. G. Veazie," born ~1821, died in New Orleans in 1879. Research indicates that an epidemic of Yellow Fever ran through the lower Mississippi valley, heavily in New Orleans, in 1878. That, perhaps, may be the illness which took Benjamin's life. The notice2741 of his death has his address as 152 St. Joseph, assumed to be New Orleans.

Benjamin's death was recorded in the Lafayette Presbyterian Church records4987. A handwritten entry reads: "Nov 11th 1879 Veazie Benj. G. [age] 58 [Disease] paralysis [facing page][place] 152 St Joseph Mr(s?) Landry's 2 P.M. [Cemetery] Girod [Remarks] Uncle of Dr. H. A. Veazie "Hero of Grenada" - 1878 - epidemic." The remarks refer to Benjamin's nephew, Dr Henry A Veazie, who, during the Yellow Fever epidemic that swept through the South, traveled from New Orleans to Grenada, Mississippi, to treat an outbreak there.

Benjamin was buried4987 4988 in Girod Cem., in tomb "RHS" (right hand side?) 5-A. His death date appears variously as Nov 94988, Nov 102625, and Nov 114987. His death notice2471 was published Nov 13.

Several of the birth records for Julia's children list her maiden name and birthplace. A birth record2070 for "Julian" Curtis lists her birthdate as Jan 13, 1827, her father as Amos Curtis and her mother as Roxana. Another birth record2787 which lists the children of Amos Curtis and "Rosanna his wife" lists "Juliann" Curtis, born Jan 15, 1827. Both records are transcriptions. Her death record lists her age at death: 21y 4m --d, for a calculated birth date of Mar 1832. That is unlikely as she had a child in 1847, which would have been at the age of 15. In 1850, the only individually enumerated census in which she appears, she is listed as age 25 (born ~1825), indicating the 1827 date listed in the referenced birth records is more likely correct. Her death record1800 lists her father as Amos Curtis. Her mother is not listed. She died of typhoid fever (not in childbirth) just a few days before the death of daughter Mary.

Child 4. Mary

Mary (in her birth record1799 she is unnamed) died exactly 2 months after birth. Her death record1800 lists cause of death as "teething." It was not uncommon to list teething as a cause of death even as late as the early twentieth century. Teething, of course, did not cause the deaths. In some cases, it may have been the treatment that was the cause of death - leeches, cauterizing, application of mercuric compounds, etc.

Children of Benjamin Gray VEAZIE and Julia Ann CURTIS:

1. Walter Cheney VEAZIE1799 b. 1847 Jun 251799 at Randolph, MA1799. d. 1931 May 62387 at Tacoma, WA2387.
md. Elva May HEWITT
2. Emma (Eunice) F VEAZIE2375 b. 1849 Oct 292375 at Randolph, MA2375. d. 1932 Jan 25840. bd. North Gardner Cemetery, Swansea, MA840.
md. George Albert ARNOLD
3. Ella Bloomer VEAZIE1799 b. 1851 Jul 161799 at Randolph, MA1799. d. 1942 Jan 2527 at San Francisco, CA527.
md. James STILES
4. Mary VEAZIE1800 b. 1853 Jun 291799 at Randolph, MA1799. d. 1853 Jul 291800 at Randolph, MA1800.

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