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Family of Benjamin Gray VEAZIE and Mary F THAYER

Benjamin Gray VEAZIE b. 1824~874 at Boston, MA841. d. 1879 Nov 102625 at 152 Saint Joseph St, New Orleans, LA4987. bd. Girod Cemetery, New Orleans, LA4987.
Mary F THAYER b. 18321800 at Randolph, MA1802. d. 1879 Dec 291800 at Randolph, MA1800.

Married1802 1854 Nov 191802 at Braintree, MA1802.

Benjamin (his second marriage) and Mary Thayer (her first marriage) were married by David Holbrook, Esq, Justice of [the] Peace.

Child 3. Alletta

Alletta, at the age of 7, was registered1801 in the Randolph Almshouse, Jan 26, 1869. In 1870, Alletta was living with her mother and siblings in the Randolph Almshouse. In 1880, Allie Veazie was a servant in the household of Adoniram? Smith, boot manufacturer. In 1898, Alletta is again listed1801 as supported in the (Randolph) Almshouse, registered as a pauper, Jun 1896. In 1900, she was living on the Randolph Town Farm, Timothy O'Leary, superintendent; Margaret O'Leary, matron. She ceased to be supported1801 in the Almshouse in Aug 1900, being removed to the Taunton Insane Asylum. In 1910, Alletta was an inmate at the Grafton Colony of the Worcester State Asylum. The Grafton State Hospital, Grafton, Massachusetts, was operated from 1901 to 1973. Because of its significance in the treatment of the mentally ill and architecture, the hospital area was accepted to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.

Child 6. Clarence

In 1870, Clarence was living with his mother and siblings in the Randolph Almshouse. In 1880, he was residing in the household of Daniel Field, Oak St, Brockton, MA. Clarence was listed as a servant (farming). He is listed in the 1884, 1887 and 1888 city directory for Brockton, MA, boarding at 97 Oak, occupation cutter. Clarence B Veazie died2718 in 1907 near Bolton, Kansas, a laborer, single, age 41. That record lists his residence as Brockton, Mass.

Child 8. Kate

Although enumerated as "Katie A" Veazie, age 1 in 1870, Randolph Births1799 lists Katie Ayers Veazie born Sep 15, 1867, to Benjamin & Mary F (Thayer) of Randolph. Temple2699 states that Mable May, dau of Isaac Moulton May and Mary A F Rich, was born Sep 15, 1867; adopted Dec 1, 1874, was the daughter of Benjamin and Mary F Veazie. That adoption (the name of the child was "Mabel May") was recorded2701 June, 1875. And, indeed, in 1880, Mabel May, age 12, is enumerated2700 as the adopted daughter (relation: "Ado[.?] Daugther") of Isaac M and Mary A F May, in North Brookfield. Unfortunately, it isn't clear whether Kate Ayers Veazie is the same person as Mabel (nee Veazie) May. In any case, it may also be that Kate/Mabel was not the daughter of Benjamin as Anne Veazie Sonner2589 has letters written from Benjamin to daughter Ella from New Orleans in 1867, and, as early as 1866, he was traveling in Missouri and Kansas.

Children of Benjamin Gray VEAZIE and Mary F THAYER:

1. Julian VEAZIE1799 b. 1856 Feb 211799 at Randolph, MA1799. d. 1906 Mar 271774 at Taunton, MA1774. bd. Westville Cem., Taunton, MA1755.
md. Maria Judith STRANGE
2. Fanny W VEAZIE1799 b. 1858 Apr 201799 at Randolph (Mouint Pleasant), MA1799. d. after 1940.
md. Daniel E FLETCHER
3. Alletta B VEAZIE1799 b. 1861 Apr 171799 at Randolph, MA1799. d. aft 19102717.
4. George Benjamin VEAZIE1799 b. 1862 Oct 281799 at Randolph, MA1799. d. 1947 Mar 252002 at Keene, NH2002. bd. Woodland Cem., Keene, NH840.
md. 1) Isabelle R (Belle) FERRIS
md. 2) Gertrude Belle SHELDON
5. William L VEAZIE1799 b. 1864 Apr 61799 at Randolph, MA1799.
6. Clarence B VEAZIE1799 b. 1865 Dec 261799 at Randolph, MA1799. d. 1907 Mar 112718 at near Bolton, KS2718.
7. Mabel Wallace VEAZIE2699 b. 1867 Sep 152699 at Randolph, MA2701. d. 1948 Sep 22527 at Los Angeles Co., CA527.
md. Frederick (Fred) L HARDING
8. Kate Ayers VEAZIE1799 b. 1867 Sep 151799 at Randolph, MA1799.

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