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Family of Stephen VEAZIE and Abigail GLOVER

Married841 1803 Dec 15841 at Quincy, MA841.

AVB2786 has birthdate Oct 4, 1781.

In 1850, Abigail Veazie, age 62, resided159 with her daughter Harriet W Bailey, Harriet's husband Hanson, and family. In 1855, 1860 and 1865, Abigail Veazie, widowed (1850, 1865 census), resided2912 860 with William H and Mary A French.

Abigail is likely the Abigail (Glover) Veazie who died1774 in Quincy, MA, Jan, 1869 at the age of 83y 3m, as the date and age at death coincide with Abigail's Braintree birth2852 record to the month. The death record, however, lists her parents as Joseph and Mary Glover, both born Milton. The informant for the death record is not indicated.

Children of Stephen VEAZIE and Abigail GLOVER:

1. Abigail VEAZIE841 b. 1805 Feb 20841 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1809 Mar 62271 at Quincy, MA2271.
2. Sarah Ann VEAZIE841 b. 1807 Apr 18841 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1878 Jun 172271 at Quincy, MA2271.
md. William ELLISON
3. Abigail VEAZIE841 b. 1809 Mar 23841 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1874 Aug 302613 at Quincy, MA2613. bd. Mt Wollaston, Quincy, MA840.
md. William HOBART
4. Emeline Beulah Weston VEAZIE841 b. 1811 Mar 26800 at Quincy, MA841.
md. Benjamin Ludden CRANE
5. Stephen Glover VEAZIE841 b. 1813 Feb 13841 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1814 May 20841.
6. Harriet White VEAZIE841 b. 1818 Jul 26841 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1912 Mar 211774 at 20 Fort St., Quincy, MA1774. bd. Mt Wollaston Cem., Quincy, MA1774.
md. Hanson BAILEY

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