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Family of Joseph VEAZIE and Mary COPELAND

Joseph VEAZIE b. 1756 May 17567 at Braintree, MA567. d. 1817 May 6859 at Braintree, MA859. bd. Elm St Cem of (formerly) Old Braintree, MA880.
Mary COPELAND d. 1811 Jun 22841.

Married2852 1791 Mar 222852 at (int) Braintree, MA2852.

Joseph is likely the Joseph Veazie mentioned5206 in Mass. Soldiers and Sailors, p 304, 305: private, Capt. Ebenezer Thayer 3d's (Independent) co. of Braintree; enlisted Jan 1, 1776; discharged June 7, 1776. Also, Private, Capt Nathaniel Heath's detachment of Col Craft's regt.; service, 1 month, 8 days, drafted for service around Boston, 1777.

Of Joseph's death859, the church records indicate he died of insanity.

Sprague841 has, under [1150R] Isaac4 Copeland: "Children of Isaac & Lydia [Thayer] bapt. At Middle Parish: xi. Mary, m. int. Mar. 22, 1791, Joseph Veazie." Under [5211] Joseph4 Veazie, Sprague has "Mary Copeland, born ___, died Jun 22, 1811 (Selectman's Book, 1793-1835), dau. of Isaac & Lydia (Thayer) Copeland." The reference is elsewhere noted as "Braintree Selectman Book['s] 1793-1835."

Child 1. Joseph

In church records944 from the Sprague collection is the apparent quotation of someone who attended Joseph Veazie's funeral, Mar 29, 1826. He had been several years blind and supported by the town. Ten days prior to the funeral he went from home to visit friends. As he did not return in a timely manner, a search was made and "yesterday" he was found dead in a swamp near Calvin Holbrooks'. "He had drank too freely of rum" and was doubtless the victim of intemperence rather than blindness. "His parents were destroyed by the same insidious enemy and his two brothers are in the same high road to ruin."

Child 2. Polly

Sprague of Polly - living 1850 in the almshouse aged "about 60." This is apparently a reference to the 1850 census for Braintree, MA, enumerated 27 Aug [p 7 of 74 of that census, printed page 95, handwritten page 189], where Polly Veazie "abt 60" is listed among many in the household of James M Cutting, "farmer/superintendent," apparently the town poor farm. A Polly Veazie is found in several census records (e.g., 18554995) residing at the Braintree almshouse/poor farm. Polly Veazie died2258 in Braintree, of dropsy, the daughter of Joseph Veazie.

Child 4. Henry

An 1865 affidavit4510 by Susan (Veazie) Mason, Henry's sister, states Henry was deceased and never married.

Child 5. Betsey

In addition to John and Martha's first 6 children, Hillman800 adds Betsey, from mention in her Aunt Mary's deed to her father Joseph. In an 1867 affidavit4832 by her niece Mary White (dau. of Silas Veazie), she stated that Betsey lived in Weymouth (MA) and had never been married. From that affidavit information, one finds Betsey Veazie, residing in the household of Philip and Mary Torrey in Weymouth, MA, in 1850 and 1855. She is listed as age 50 in both census records. Though her birth year from age at death doesn't quite fit the children of Joseph and Mary Veazie, it seems likely that Betsy is the Betsy Veazie, born Braintree to unknown/unknown, that died2956 in Weymouth, MA, Aug 19, 1893, at the age of 95, of "intussusaption."

Child 6. Benjamin

Hillman800 has Benjamin's birthdate as May 19, perhaps a typo, as other records (Braintree VR937 and Bates2852 have Aug 19. In 18554995 (age 52) and 1865 (age 66), Benjamin was residing in Braintree in the household of Benjamin and Elvia French. In an 1867 affidavit4832 by his niece Mary White (dau. of Silas Veazie), she stated that Benjamin, "now living in Braintree," had never been married.

Children of Joseph VEAZIE and Mary COPELAND:

1. Joseph VEAZIE841 b. 1791 Oct 13937 at Braintree, MA937. d. 1826 Mar 28944.
2. Polly VEAZIE841 b. 1793 Nov 17937 at Braintree, MA937. d. 1862 Jan 112258 at Braintree, MA2258.
3. Lydia VEAZIE841 b. 1796 Nov 21937 at Braintree, MA937. d. 1823~4510.
md. Thomas LOVIS
4. Henry VEAZIE841 b. 1797 Dec 10937 at Braintree, MA937. d. bef 18654510.
5. Betsey VEAZIE800 b. 1798~2956 at Braintree, MA2956. d. 1893 Aug 192956 at Weymouth, MA2956.
6. Benjamin VEAZIE841 b. 1799 Aug 19937 at Braintree, MA937. d. 1868 Dec 122258 at Braintree, MA2258. bd. Plain St Cem841.
7. Susanna (Susan) VEAZIE841 b. 1803 Feb 8937 at Braintree, MA937. d. 1885 May 81774 at Wakefield, MA1774. bd. Walpole, NH1774.
md. Holland MASON

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