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Family of Clark Pitts BURDICK and Maude I HATHAWAY

Clark Pitts BURDICK b. 1873 Jan 29221 at Alfred, New York180. d. 1933 Feb 3180. bd. Hornellsville Rural Cem., Hornell, New York1078.
Maude I HATHAWAY b. 1873 Feb1143 at New York1176. d. 1954 Mar 31078 at St James Mercy Hosp., Hornell, New York1179. bd. Hornellsville Rural Cem., Hornell, New York1078.

Married1178 1912~1178.

Clark worked for the railroad most of his life, variously as a baggage handler amd brakeman. In 1880, Clark is living with his parents and his sisters, Emily, Cora, Nellie and Lovena. In 1892, Clark appears to be the head of the family, including his mother Eliza, and sisters Emma, Corey, Levina, Hilda and Nelly. In 1905, Clark ("brother in law") and his sister Hilda ("sister in law") are living in the household of Clarence and Nellie (Burdick) Kaple. In 1910, Clark is a lodger in the household of Ira W and Alice C Betts, and is listed as widowed. His first wife may have been the Mrs Clark Burdick of Hornell, whose death was reported in the Rochester (NY) Democrat And Chronicle, Nov 30, 1909. She was found dead in her house on Myrtle Avenue (on which street Clark is listed in several references) She left a widowed husband and, per the coroner, died of heart disease. The Corning (NY) Evening Leader, 1918, reported that an Erie Railroad Brakeman had his hand trapped during a coupling incident, but both fingers would be saved. Clark's burial listing1078 has a death date of Jan 5, 1933.

Starting from a statement by Doris McGowan Veazie, daughter-in-law of Hyla Barkley Veazie, that she (Doris) believed that Maude Hathaway married a "Burdick," and Maude's birthyear of 1873 (from several sources), one finds a burial listing1078 for Maude Burdick, born 1873. A short obituary1179 for Maude Burdick mentions a sister Ida Gilbertson. Other records for Maude Burdick and Ida Gilbertson match closely birthdates for Maude and Ida Hathaway. Census records indicate that Maude was the wife of Clark Burdick. Conveniently, Clark's World War One draft registration221 lists his full name and his nearest relative as "Maud Hathaway Burdick."

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