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Family of Samuel (m11) BARKLEY and Parney HURD

Married655 1821~. Marriage date is estimated from the birthdates of Samuel's youngest child with first wife Cahterine, and Samuel's oldest child with Pareny. Birthdates for children which aren't "guesses" are from a quick look at census data (work in progress).

Children of Samuel (m11) BARKLEY and Parney HURD:

1. James (m75) S BARCLAY655 b. 1829~1228 at New York1228. d. 1896 Mar 161633.
md. Hannah MOSHER
2. Catherine (m76) (Kate) BARCLAY655 b. 1831 Jun1618 at Bethel, New York1629.
md. Alfred M HALL

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