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Finally, some pictures of some real Veazies!

Thanks to Kim Veazie, maintainer of a wealth of Veazie info on the web, I proudly present pictures of my cousins!

This is Kim's hubby, Paul Veazie, a distant cousin.

This is a wedding picture of Kim and Paul.

This is Paul's sister, Nancy (nee Veazie, another cousin) and her husband.

Here' s a picture of me (Bruce Veazie) and my lovely bride (Lynne Kuczynski), taken outside the Justice of Peace's office, just after our wedding ceremony in South Queensferry, Scotland. It's a beautiful town. By the way, Lynne was an HOUR late for the ceremony. Between Lynne and I in the wedding picture is a Skye Terrier (this link is the site of Laura Weber, a good friend of ours). The Justice of the Peace (Margaret Mary O'Connor - think she's Irish?) kindly permitted us to have Misty (the Skye in the wedding picture) in our wedding ceremony. A dog in the wedding party* is an ancient wedding tradition, symbolizing faithfulness. For our wedding I was dressed in traditional Scottish garb: a Prince Charlie jacket, Gillies and kneesocks, and kilt of McDonald Hunting Green tartan. Behind the three of us in the wedding picture, is the Forth Rail Bridge, spanning the Firth of Forth. The bridge, over one hundred years old, stills carries frequent commuter traffic. Those Scottish engineers can just plain build bridges. A bridge in the wedding picture is a recent tradition, symbolizing the engineering tradition of my brothers and me.

*(the dog in the picture is a Cairn Terrier, another Scottish breed)

Here's a picture of three gentlemen in kilts. Actually, that's me in the center, with my best man, Tot, to my left, and our wedding photographer to my right.

And here's one more picture for Kim

And another

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updated 3 Nov 2002