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Genealogy Downloads

These files are provided without any guarantee of their accuracy or usefulness. They are intended to provide anyone interested in genealogical research with information for further investigation. The GEDCOM files provide sources for names, births, deaths, etc., as I found and interpreted them. If you use any of the information provided, I ask only that you cite the source with something like "provided by Bruce J Veazie, Emmaus, PA -"

These files may contain more relationships and information than appears on the family pages on this site as it is easier to maintain and generate the database information than to update individual family pages. As with any genealogy, these files are a work in progress and will be updated as time permits.

Veazie Genealogy - Descendants of William Veazie of Braintree, Massachusetts
Updated periodically.
GEDCOM v.5 format
: (14 Jan 2017) includes (some) ancestors of spouses

You can check the list of people appearing in the Veazie Genealogy GEDOM file here. Most people listed on the linked page also appear in the RTF and Word documents.

List of Individuals appearing in the RTF and DOC format documents linked below.

RTF format , Microsoft Word (DOC) format, Microsoft Word (DOCX) format: (11 Jul 2019) includes parents of spouses but not the ancestors of parents

Barkley Genealogy - Descendants of James Barclay who came to America aboard the George and Ann
Note: The GEDCOM file linked above includes the Barkley/Barclay individuals mentioned on this site.
RTF format, Microsoft Word (DOC) format: (4 Dec 2011)

Descendants of Stephen Veazie and Martha "Patty" Harding (GEDCOM v.5 file) [updated 5 Mar 2009]
This file does not include ancestors of spouses. The GED for William Veazie above includes this information

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updated 12 Sep 2016