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STEPHEN G. VEAZIE, JR. (son of Stephen Veazie, Sr.) was born 14 Jun 1815 in Mainea. He died 25 Mar 1881 in Caton (Steuben) NYa. He married SARAH CHANDLER FOLSOMd on or after 28 Dec 1838 in Mt. Vernon (Kennebec) MEb. She was the daughter of JEREMIAH and NANCY (THOMAS) FOLSOMd. She was born 26 Jan 1820a and died 3 Oct 1907a. Stephen, Sarah and the Maine-born children resided in Mt. Vernon, Maine, in 1850. Sometime before 1855, Stephen, Sarah and the family emigrated to Caton (Steuben Co.), New York. A few years later, Martha and John were living two doors away [j]. Both Stephen and Sarah are buried in the United Methodist Cemetery (Elmwood) in Caton.



MARTHA A. VEAZIE, b. abt. 1840, ME [c,i]; d. 1900 [a]; m. bef. 1860 [j], JOHN R. HUTCHINS [g], b NY [j]


EVALINA A. VEAZIE, b. abt. 1842, ME [c]; d. 1908 [a,i]; m. HENRY D. CRAM [a]


STEPHEN GUSTAVE VEAZIE, b. 19 May 1845, ME [a,i]; d. 2 Sep 1889 [a]; m. ROCELIA BOWMAN [a], b. 1844; d. 1920 [g]


CHARLES HORATIO VEAZIE, b. 13 Jan 1847 [e], ME [f,i]; d. 27 July 1917 [f]; m. ALICE A. BIDLER [h]


FREDERICK MELVIN VEAZIE, b. Jun 1855 [e], NY [c]; m. ALICE NORMAN; d. 1890 [e]

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