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Family of Eli Cooley BLISS and Adaline VEAZIE

Eli Cooley BLISS b. 1794~1783 at Boston, MA1783. d. 1863 Dec 21784 at Chelsea, MA1784.
Adaline VEAZIE b. 1813 Feb 25854 at Boston, MA854. d. bef Mar 18525499.

Married947 1829 Oct 2947 at Boston, MA947.

Those interested in the Bliss family1784 in America would do well to peruse "Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America.." available on several sites on the internet. The information herein attributed to that source have been moderately researched and found to be accurate.

Eli Cooley Bliss married first1784 Lucy Tufts (no further information.) He married second Adaline Veazie in 1829. Following Adaline's death, he married third Adaline's sister (living with them in 1850), Mary Weston Veazie.

All children listed herein were the issue of Eli and Adaline.

Adaline (Veazie) Bliss died before Mar 9, 1852, as she is mentioned in the will of her father Eli Veazie, signed that date, as "my daughter" Adaline Bliss deceased.

Children of Eli Cooley BLISS and Adaline VEAZIE:

1. Lucy A BLISS1784 b. 1830 Jun 301784 at Boston, MA1784. d. 1872 May 271774 at Chelsea, MA1774.
md. Samuel MCNEAR
2. Rosalie Maxey BLISS1784 b. 1833 Sep 51784 at Boston, MA1784. d. 1909 Jan 121774 at 17 Grovenor Rd, Boston, MA1774. bd. Woodlawn Cem., Everett, MA1774.
md. William Henry HUTCHINSON
3. Isadore Bradley BLISS1784 b. 1835 Jun 211784 at Boston, MA1784. d. 1913 Apr 201774 at 114 Pleasant St, Winthrop, MA1774. bd. Winthrop Cem., Winthrop, MA1774.
md. Charles Carroll HUTCHINSON
4. Emily P BLISS1784 b. 1837 Feb 261784 at Chelsea, MA1784. d. 1898 Sep 211774 at Cambridge, MA1774. bd. Mt Hope Cem., Boston, MA1774.
5. Caroline V BLISS1784 b. 1839 Jul 121784 at Chelsea, MA1784. d. 1861 Jun 21774 at Chelsea, MA1774.
md. Philip Burrill LOW
6. Harriet M BLISS1784 b. 1842 Jun 81784 at Chelsea, MA1784. d. 1853 Dec 161784 at Chelsea, MA1784.
7. Florence A BLISS1784 b. 1845 Jan 121784 at Chelsea, MA1784.
md. George BRYDEN
8. Eli Cooley Weston BLISS1784 b. 1848 Jun 31784 at Chelsea, MA1784.
md. Hannah C HAM
9. Charles L V BLISS1784 b. 1851 Mar 81784 at Chelsea, MA1784.
md. Helena A ROGERS

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