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Family of George BIDELER and Catherine Amy BROWN

George BIDELER b. 177626 at Pennsylvania. d. 184626. bd. East Cambell Cem., Campbell, NY6.
Catherine Amy BROWN b. 177527. d. 1835 Aug 1227. bd. East Cempbell Cem., Campbell, NY27.


George is assumed to have been born in Pennsylvania as census records list Pennsylvania as the birthplace for son John and daughter Mary. Further, David Bideler and George Bideler both list1457 their father's birthplace as Pennsylvania in the 1880 census for Campbell, NY, and Solomon Bidlar lists his father as born in Pa in the 1880 census190 for Caton, NY.

George's birthyear of 1776 is a corroborated guess. His burial listing27 and headstone840 have his death Dec 9 1846, age 70, indicating a birth year of ~1776. The date ranges for the oldest male in the 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830 and 1840 censuses (if accurate) indicate a range of 1770 to 1774. As son John's birthyear is estimated as 1796, George would've been about 20 years of age, a reasonable age.

Considering variations of the surname, viz Bideler, Bidler/Bidlar, Beidler, Beitler, etc., there are many men listed in the Pennsylvania Septennial Censuses. E.g., in that Septennial series, George "Beitler" is listed in the 1798 Direct Tax rolls5511 in Forks Township, Northampton Co., PA, and in 18005018 5517 as George "Beidler" in the same location.

A George "Beidler" is listed in the 1800 census5018 for Forks Township, Northampton Co., Pa. That census lists 1 male <10 years of age, 1 male 26-45 yrs; a female <10; and 1 female 26-45. Allowing for a year or two difference in ages, that may be George, his wife, son John and daughter Mary. Pending better information, and considering the proximity of locations in Pennsylvania to Steuben County, New York, the Northampton, PA, census is chosen as a guess for this George Bideler.

A George "Bidelar" is listed27 in burial listings at the Steuben Co. (NY) Historian's office in Bath, NY, and an image of his headstone840 both read: "George Bideler Died Dec. 9, 1846 Aged 70 years." There are New York census records for George "Bidlar" (Painted Post5020, 1810), George "Bidler" (Painted Post5019, 1820), George "Bidler" (Hornby5021, 1830), and George Bideler (Campbell1053, 1840) that are assumed to be the same man. That assumption is based on the proximity of the locations (all within several miles of one another), and, with the exception of the 1840 census, the consistency of age ranges (plus/minus 1 year) for George (assumed to be the eldest male, born ~1776), and for the age ranges for persons in those households assumed to be George's spouse(s) and children. Assuming George's spouse died ~1835, the 1840 census indicates 2 females born 1810-1820, and 1 female born 1780-1790, that can't be clearly identified. They may be other relatives, servants, etc. That analysis includes the appearance of separate households for John Bidler/Bideler in 1830 and 1840, and David and Isaac Bideler in 1840.

Clearly identifying a spouse or spouses for George Bideler is, at present, unsure. A burial listing27 for "Bidelar Catharine" reads "Catherine, wife of George Bedilar died August 12, 1835 Age 60 years." A death listing29 for Caton, NY, reads: "Bidler, Solomon 4/30/1814 12/24/1891 father George Bidler mother Amy Brown." For the sake of simplicity, until further information is available indicating otherwise, it is ASSUMED that George Bideler had just one spouse, and her name is assumed to be Catharine Amy Brown, and she is assumed to be the mother of all George's identified children. The reference for Catherine Amy Brown as the mother of George's children, with the exception of Solomon and Mary, is the will/probate76 for George W Bideler, as explained below.

The children of George Bideler (1776 - 1846), as listed herein, are assumed from the following. The burial listing29 for Solomon "Bidler" (1814-1891) lists his parents as George Bidler and Amy Brown. Solomon "Beidler" is mentioned in the will and probate records76 for George W Bideler as "Brother" of George W Bideler. Others mentioned as George W Bideler's brothers are: John (deceased), Isaac (deceased), and David C (deceased). Mary Bidler/Bideler, who is not mentioned in the will/probate appears in the 1855 census73 for Campbell, NY, as "sister" to George Bidler [the son of George]. If Solomon Bideler, as mentioned above, is the son of the George Bideler of this profile, it is assumed that George is the father of Solomon's siblings. I.e., a sibling of a sibling is a sibling.

Child 2. Mary

Mary's burial listing27 has: Bidelar, Mary, Died November 26, 1862 age 64 years. Her birthyear is estimated from that information. In 1850, Mary, age 45, born Pennsylvania, resided987 in Campbell, NY, with George Bideler, age 34, born New York. In 1855, Mary Bidler is listed79 in the household of George Bidler as "Sister."

Child 5. George

George's obituary mentions that he was about seventy-five years of age when he died, was a bachelor, a brother of the late David Bideler, and of Solomon Bideler, of Caton. An article in the Corning (NY) Journal (, Mar 10, 1887, mentions that the "Groom Brothers," having used up the lumber for their shingle mill in "General's Hollow," moved same to Mead's Creek, securing a fresh supply on the George Bideler place. That may refer to either this George W Bideler, or possibly George's father.

Children of George BIDELER and Catherine Amy BROWN:

1. John BIDELER76 b. 1796~1054 at Pennsylvania1054. d. aft 1875 and bef 1885.
md. Lucy A PLATT
2. Mary BIDELER73 b. 179827 at Pennsylvania987. d. 1862 26 Nov27. bd. East Campbell Cem., East Campbell, NY840.
3. Isaac BIDELER76 b. 1801 Apr 1727 at Pennsylvania1457. d. 1847 May 527 at Campbell, NY27. bd. East Campbell Cem., Campbell, NY6.
md. Esther J FRANKLIN
4. David BIDELER76 b. 1809 Dec 25202 at Steuben Co., NY73. d. 1884 Jan 11202 at Mead's Creek (Coopers Plains), NY5036. bd. Coopers Plains Cemetery, Erwin, NY202.
md. 1) Malura M FRANKLIN
md. 2) Anna MATTESON
5. George W BIDELER76 b. 181326. d. 1885 Feb 1676 at near Coopers Plains, NY2511. bd. East Campbell Cem., Campbell, NY6.
6. Solomon BIDELER29 b. 1814 Apr 3029 at New York190. d. 1891 Dec 2429 at Caton, NY29. bd. Elmwood Cem., Caton, NY201.
md. Keziah FRANKLIN

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