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Family of Martin V BIDELER and Adelia Nancy EVERETT

Martin V BIDELER b. 183526 at Steuben Co., NY5009. d. 1899 Feb 215026 at Coopers Plains, NY5026.
Adelia Nancy EVERETT b. 1841 Nov1190 at Otsego Co., NY5009. d. 1919 Dec 25596 at Union Co., Oregon596. bd. Coopers Plains, NY31.


In 1875, Martin was5009 a farmer. In 1880, Martin, a farmer, and his family resided1457 in Campbell, NY. In 1880, he was an enumerator for the Federal census for Campbell.

Martin5026, the only son of Isaac and Esther Bideler, lived on his farm, two miles north of Coopers Plains, until 1882, when he moved to Coopers. He had been an employee, a "most proficient salesman," of Chase Brother's Company, of Rochester, for the 18 years prior to his death. He was a member of the Baptist Church; an ardent Republican; and one of the Corning Journal's first subscribers, having taken the paper for over 50 years. At the time of his death, he had been subject to declining health for "some time," and, due to his health, abandoned his duties as traveling salesman in August, 1898.

The obituary5111 of Eliza Ann (Everett) Smith mentions Eliza's parents, Deacon Jesse and Mary Ann Everett, as well as her only surviving sister, Mrs M V Biddler(sic). Also mentioned is a surviving nephew, A I Biddler(sic) of Coopers.

In 1895, Adelia E Bideler was appointed adminitrix5007 for the estate of (her father) Jesse Everett "of Campbell" (New York.)

Adelia is listed in records variously as A E Bideler, Adelia, Adelia E, Deliah E, and Delia Bideler.

Following her husband's death, Adelia, listed as "Deliah E," resided5008 in 1910 with her daughter Mary A Dunklee, and her daughter's husband, Geoerge E Dunklee, in Laramie, Wyoming.

In September, 1912, Adelia Bidler(sic), of Union, Oregon, visited5006 her niece, Mrs Charles H Everett, in (prob) Bath, NY, for several weeks.

The Corning (NY) Evening Leader5005 mentions the death of Adelia Bideler. In Hornell, Dec 30, 1919, Mrs Schuyler Bill received news of "the death of her aunt, Mrs Adelia E Bideler of Union, Oregon, who passed away on Christmas day at 7:15 PM." That obituary mentions that the body would be brought to Coopers Plains, her former home, for burial in the family plot. Her maiden name is not mentioned.

Children of Martin V BIDELER and Adelia Nancy EVERETT:

1. Arthur I BIDELER71 b. 1862 Dec72. d. 1938 Apr 26596 at Union Co., Oregon596. bd. Union Cem., Union, Oregon840.
md. Jennie Isabel LEWIS
2. Agnes Mary BIDELER71 b. 1865~71. d. 1931 Sep 21596 at Union Co., OR596. bd. Union Cem., Union, OR840.
md. George E DUNKLEE

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