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Family of James (m5) BARKLEY and Elizabeth CRAWFORD

James (m5) BARKLEY b. 1747 (guess)655. d. 1815 Jun~1226 at Montgomery, Orange Co., New York1226.
Elizabeth CRAWFORD b. 1753 Nov 27655. d. after Feb 18151226.


The will4907 of James Barkley, signed Feb 20, 1815, and proved1226 2 June 1815: his will mentions (and lists bequeaths to) wife Elizabeth (his personal property), daughter Elizabeth ($1000), sons John ($300), Moses ($500), Daniel ($500), Joshua ($2000), daughter Elener[sic] Hunter ($500), grandsons James Barkley Hunter and James Barkley ($125 each, at interest until age 21 years), and daughter-in-law Sarah Barkley. Son Daniel Barkley and friends Nicholas Libolt and Henery[sic] Linderman were appointed his executors. The will was witnessed by Alexander Millspaugh, Thomas Barkley (his brother?) and Susannah Libolt.

Elizabeth was bequeathed1226 James' personal property (with exceptions not noted in the abstract) in James' will.

Child 1. John (m25)

Moffat says John died unmarried. John was bequeathed1226 $300 in his father's will dated Feb 1815.

Child 3. Betsey (m27)

Moffat says Elizabeth (Betsey) died unmarried. James Barkley's daughter "Elizabeth" was bequeathed $1000 in her father's will, which seems a considerable sum for the early 1800s.

Child 4. Samuel (m28)

Moffat lists Samuel Barkley as a son (who died unmarried) of James Barkley. James' will1226 does not mention a son Samuel. All other children Moffat lists are otherwise mentioned. It is assumed that son Samuel died before James signed his will 20 Feb 1815.

Child 7. Moses (m31)

Moffat says Moses died unmarried. Moses was bequeathed 1226 $500 in his father's will.

Children of James (m5) BARKLEY and Elizabeth CRAWFORD:

1. John (m25) BARKLEY655 b. 1776 (guess). d. after Feb 1815, unmarried1226.
2. Ellen (m26) BARKLEY655 b. 1778 (guess). d. after Feb 18151226.
md. Daniel HUNTER
3. Betsey (m27) BARKLEY655 b. 1780 (guess). d. after Feb 1815, unmarried1226.
4. Samuel (m28) BARKLEY655 b. 1782 (guess). d. before Feb 18151226.
5. Joshua (m29) BARKLEY655 b. 1784 (guess). d. after Feb 18151226.
6. Daniel (m30) BARKLEY655 b. 1786 (guess). d. after Feb 18151226.
md. 1) Sarah BARKLEY
md. 2) Sarah DICKERSON
7. Moses (m31) BARKLEY655 b. 1788 (guess). d. after Feb 1815, unmarried.

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