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Family of James CRAWFORD and Jean Jane CRAWFORD

James CRAWFORD b. 17192516 at Fermanagh, Ireland2516. d. 1802 Feb 232516 at probably Montgomery, NY1365.
Jean Jane CRAWFORD b. 1724 Mar 32516. d. 1795 Aug 142516.


NYG&B2516 provides, starting p 111, the family of and a biography of James Crawford. That reference describes him as "James Crawford, Jr." By repute, he came to this country about the year 1731, from county Fermanagh, Ireland, (having been born there 1719) to New York City aboard a ship which had a long and tedious voyage, the passengers suffering from lack of water and provisions. His father and mother both died on the voyage. This James Crawford, about 12 years of age, and his two sisters, the last of his family of that voyage, were taken from New York City by James McNeal, to the town of Montgomery, Ulster Co., NY. Surviving the perils of the French and Indian War in that region, he eventually settled in the precinct of Hanover, formerly Ulster Co., now Orange Co., in the town of Crawford, named for his family. He made a will May 8, 1775, which mentions wife Jane, son Samuel, Nathan, Jonathan, David, and Joshua; daughter Mary, wife of John Barkley; daughter Elizabeth, wife of James Barkley; and daughters Jane, and Sarah. As he survived well after the date of that will, that will was cancelled and NYG&B states "probably other dispositions were made." In fact, James did make another will Dec 24, 1789, in Montgomery, proved May 1, 1802, which mentions wife Jane, sons Samuel, Joshua, Nathaniel, Jonathan, and David; daughters Jane and Sarah; daughter Elizabeth, wife of James Barkley; William Barkley & Nathan Barkley, sons of John & Mary Barkley; and Catherine Crawford, daughter of David Crawford. Niether will appears to mention Thomas Barkley, whom both Moffat655 and NYG&B2516 have married to daughter Sarah, Moffat providing the date.

The maiden name of James Crawford's wife Jean/Jane was also Crawford, she being the daughter of James (Sr) Crawford and Mary Wilkin. Her father's family and the families of several of her siblings is herein included to help distinguish among the Crawford families.

Child 10. Joshua

Moore2516 says of Joshua: youngest son of James, Jr., II.3 [refers to James married to Jean/Jane], married Nancy, only daughter of William Crawford, called one of the Crawford family of Little Britain. Children: Henry (died young); Margaret m Charles Winfield, 4 children; Nathan; Francis, m Harriet, dau of Adam Dickerson, of Montgomery, Orange Co., one dau. Nancy Jane, Francis died Jan 4, 1829.

Children of James CRAWFORD and Jean Jane CRAWFORD:

1. Samuel J CRAWFORD2516 b. 1750 Dec 102516. d. 1828 Oct 172516.
md. Jane MCCURDY
2. Mary CRAWFORD655 b. 1752 May 6655. d. 1786 Sep 4655.
md. John (m4) BARKLEY
3. Elizabeth CRAWFORD655 b. 1753 Nov 27655. d. after Feb 18151226.
md. James (m5) BARKLEY
4. Nathan CRAWFORD2516 b. 1755 Jul 222516.
5. Jonathan CRAWFORD2516 b. 1757 Apr 272516.
6. David CRAWFORD2516 b. 1759 Feb 62516. d. 1822 Nov 32516.
7. Jane CRAWFORD2516 b. 1761 Feb 262516. d. 1827 Jan 72516.
8. Sarah CRAWFORD655 b. 1763 Feb 11655. d. 1826 Sep 19655.
md. Thomas (m7) BARKLEY
9. Moses CRAWFORD2516 b. 1765 Mar 12516. d. 1770 Aug 142516.
10. Joshua CRAWFORD2516 b. 1767 May 172516.

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