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Family of Archibald CRAWFORD and Mary (m39) BARKLEY

Archibald CRAWFORD b. 1780 Jun 72516 at New York1232.
Mary (m39) BARKLEY b. 1783 Oct 8655 at New York1232.

Married655 1802 Mar2516.

Children of Archibald CRAWFORD and Mary (m39) BARKLEY:

1. Emily (m140) CRAWFORD655 b. 1804 (guess).
md. Aaron HIGBY
2. Sarah (m141) CRAWFORD655 b. 1806 (guess).
md. John (Dr) HUNTER
3. Alfred (m142) CRAWFORD655 b. 1807~2551 at Orange Co., NY2551.
md. Catherine HUNTER
4. James (m143) McC CRAWFORD655 b. 1810 (guess).
md. Blondina TERALLAGER
5. David (m144) A CRAWFORD655 b. 1812 (guess).
6. Robert (m145) CRAWFORD655 b. 1814 (guess). d. unmarried.
7. Eleanor (m146) CRAWFORD655 b. 1816 (guess).
8. Elizabeth (m147) CRAWFORD655 b. 1818 (guess). d. in infancy.
9. Moses (m148) A CRAWFORD655 b. 1820 (guess).
md. Antoinette BROWN
10. John (m149) Duryea CRAWFORD655 b. 1822 (guess).
md. Maria TOWNLEY
11. Mary (m150) Elizabeth CRAWFORD655 b. 1824 (guess).
md. Oliver TAYLOR

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