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Family of Robert S CRAWFORD and Catherine (m16) BARKLEY

Robert S CRAWFORD b. 1786 Apr 82516. d. 1838 Jun 102516.
Catherine (m16) BARKLEY b. 1792 Apr 24655. d. 1879 Dec 22655.


Robert and Catherine had no children655. NOTE: It is strictly an assumption that the Robert S Crawford mentioned as Catherine Barkley's spouse by Moffat is the Robert S Crawford mentioned by Moore2516 as the son of Samuel J Crawford. No references or documents are available for that assumption It is concluded from similarity of birth dates and location.

Moffat655 has Catherine Barkley married to Robert S Crawford. Moore2516 has Robert S Crawford as the son of Samuel J and Jane (McCurdy). It appears likely, but only an assumption, due to dates and location, that Robert S Crawford in both accounts is the same person.

Catherine is likley the Catherine Crawford in 1850, Crawford, NY, living in the household of Leander Crawford. In that census, Catherine is likely the Catherine Crawford in the 1860 census, age 68, Newburgh, NY, head of household with several boarders.

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