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Family of Samuel (m3) BARKLEY and Agnes Nancy MCCURDY

Samuel (m3) BARKLEY b. 1743 Oct 26655. d. 1814 Apr 172857. bd. Goodwill Cem., Montgomery, NY2856.
Agnes Nancy MCCURDY b. 1764~2856. d. 1844 Sep 262856. bd. Goodwill Cem., Montgomery, NY2856.

Married655 1787 Feb 15655 at Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, NY2857.

The marriage date provided by Moffat is corroborated by the revolutionary war pension application2857 of Agnes McCardy(sic) Barkley, dated Sept 1, 1841. In a deposition, Rev William Blain of the Montgomery Presbyterian Church stated that he had in his possession a list of marriages by Rev Andrew King, a previous pastor. That record stated that Samuel Barkley and Agnes McCardy(sic) were married Feb 15, 1787.

Samuel's will1363, signed 28 September 1810, mentions his wife "Agness." Though Moffat655 has his second wife's name "Nancy," Agnes is correct. See notes under Agnes.

In the will of James Barkley Senior1359, "my Son" Samuel was bequeathed1359 "Lot Land where I live," about 82 acres, which lay between son Samuel's own farm and that of Samuel Miller. In Samuel's will1363, that land, "the farm that was my fathers and now in possession of Makki Roat," was passed on to his fifth and sixth sons Andrew King Barkley and Markus(sic) Barkley. His fourth son James inherited the farm where father Samuel lived. Oldest son Samuel, and second son Thomas were each bequeathed $25. To third son Robert $250. Oldest daughter Mary and "Peter Milspaugh her husband" - $25. Second daughter Jane and husband Henry Crist - $25. Third daughter Elizabeth and husband George Pitts - $25. To fourth daughter Catherine, fifth daughter Margaret, and youngest daughter Nancy (no husbands mentioned) - $500 each. He appointed his wife Agness and sons Samuel and James executrix/executors. The will was witnessed by Joseph Whelan, Archibald Crawford (possibly niece Mary's husband) and James McCurdy.

In 1873, Agnes McCardy(sic) Barkley submitted a pension application2857 against Samuel Barkley's service during the War of the Revolution. The application cover sheet is stamped "Rejected;" the documents in that packet do not appear to provide the reason for rejection. However, other valuable information is provided. E.g., a deposition was made by Rev William Blain, pastor of the "Presbeterian" church in the town of Montgomery, which states that a record of marriage he had in his possession, recorded by Rev Andrew King, deceased, former pastor of the church, which stated that Samuel Barkley and "Agness McCardy" were married "Febuary" 15, 1787.

In a deposition2857 by Agnes Barkley, part of the pension application, described his military service: Samuel Barkley was an officer and served as such as Lieutenant in Capt Grahams company in 1776, serving 5 or more months "that season." In the spring of 1777, he was again in Graham's company and continued until a few days "before Forte Mongomery was taken" Graham deserted, leaving the company in charge of Barkley who marched the company in pursuit of the enemy. Barkley served "that season" for 7 months or more, guarding powder works, etc. She (Agnes) restated that Barkley married her 15 February 1787 by the Rev Andrew King, deceased, pastor of the Presbyterian church in Montgomery; that Barkley died on the 17th of April 1814. She was not married to him previous to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to January 1794 (a date specified by the Act of Congress.)

Fort Montgomery, information gathered from several websites, was the scene of a battle fought in the highlands of the Hudson River valley, not far from West Point, October 6, 1777. The colonists had previously erected a chain stretching across (yes, across) the river at West Point.The British, under General Sir Henry Clinton captured Fort Clinton and Fort Montgomery and dismantled the chain. The Captain Graham referred to was likely Charles Graham, Captain, New York Line.

Moffat655 has the name of Samuel's second wife as "Nancy." It is maintained in this genealogy without further reference. See Samuel's family with Catherine McClaughry for a description of his will. That will mentions his wife Agness Barkley as well as children mentioned also by Moffat. A series of documents2857 details the application of Agnes Barkley, wife of Samuel, for his Revolutionary War Pension. One of those documents sworn to by Justice of the Peace Henry Welsh, county of Orange (NY), details the deposition of the Pastor of the Presbeterian[sic] Church in Montgomery, Rev William Blain. The Reverend stated that he examined the records of the church and found the marriage of Samuel Barkley with Agnes McCardy; that the marriage took place on the fifteenth day of February 1787. Both the Reverend and the Justice of the Peace signed the document. Another document in that file details Samuel's revolutionary war service (apparently as related by Agnes herself), and signed by "Agnes (her X mark) Barkley. That description mentions that Agnes was (as of 1 Sept 1841) aged 77 years, giving an estimate of her birthyear which matches cemetery information2856. Below that description, intended to demonstrate her claim to a pension, and in the same document, is an affadavit by James S Barkley (their son), aged 51 years, that Samuel Barkley, the husband of the above applicant died in Orange County 17 Apr 1814, and that Agnes Barkley remained his widow "ever since." That was signed by James S Barkley, and certified 1 Sept 1841 by H W Elliott, Justice? Of Orange Com Plea. That leaves little doubt concerning the name of Samuel's second wife and their marriage date (as also reported by Moffat.) It also supports the birthdate of James S Barkley given by Moffat. Further, along with cemetery information2856, Agnes' approximate birth and death dates can be determined. That cemetery information lists an Agnes Barkley who died September 26, 1844, age 80, "wife of Samuel Barkley."

Child 2. James (m15)

Moffat655 of James: died unmarried. His gravestone840 has his age at death: 70y 1m 29d.

Child 4. Margaret (m17) M

In 18601232 and 18701233, Margaret (age 50?) is listed in a household comprising only herself and her brother Andrew K Barkley. In 18752551, Margaret, age 81, head of household, has Charles McKee, boarder, farm laborer, listed with her.

Children of Samuel (m3) BARKLEY and Agnes Nancy MCCURDY:

1. Robert (m14) M BARKLEY655 b. 1788 Jan 20655. d. unmarried.
2. James (m15) S BARKLEY655 b. 1789 Nov 23655. d. 1860 Jan 22840. bd. Goodwill Prebyterian Ch, Montgomery, NY840.
3. Catherine (m16) BARKLEY655 b. 1792 Apr 24655. d. 1879 Dec 22655.
md. Robert S CRAWFORD
4. Margaret (m17) M (Peggy) BARKLEY655 b. 1794 Dec 6655 at Orange Co., NY2551. d. unmarried655.
5. Andrew (m18) King BARKLEY655 b. 1797 Jul 31655 at New York1232. d. 1875 May 232856. bd. Goodwill Cem., Montgomery, NY2856.
md. Patty SMITH
6. John (m19) BARKLEY655 b. 1800 Apr 3655. d. in infancy655.
7. Marcus (m20) BARKLEY655 b. 1804 Apr 17655. d. unmarried.
8. Nancy (m21) BARKLEY655 b. 1807 Jan 9655.
md. Leander CRAWFORD

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