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Family of Franklin BARCLAY and Susan (Susie) H THOMPSON

Franklin BARCLAY b. 1854 Aug~2656 at Orange Co., NY2656. d. 1927 Nov 124331 at crossing Warburton Ave, Yonkers, NY4331.
Susan (Susie) H THOMPSON b. 1855~1238 at Orange Co., NY2551. d. 1897 May 141245 at 398 Fourth St., Brooklyn, New York1245. bd. Green-wood Cem., Brooklyn, NY4334.

Married1238 1881~891. The marriage date for Fraink and Susan is estimated from the age of their oldest child, Inez, born 1882891

In 1855, Franklin is listed in a Jun enumeration as 10 months of age. In 1880, Frank resided354 with his parents, "Galton Barcklay" and Caroline, in Brooklyn, NY. He is listed as a fancy goods clerk. In the 1892 state census1238, several people are listed in order in Amsterdam, NY: Frank Barclay, age 37, merchant; Susan Barclay, age 37; Gaston Barclay, age 73; Caroline Barclay, age 75; Inez Barclay, age 9; Jesse Barclay, age 7. It is assumed that Inez and Jessie are children of Frank and Susan.

Frank and his father Gaston are resident1234 in Brooklyn in 1880 and 1882; in Amsterdam, NY, in 18921238; and later in Brooklyn in 18991236.

In 1894, a newspaper article1240 describes a farewell clambake in Amsterdam, NY, in honor of Mr and Mrs Frank Barclay, "who are to leave the city next week,.." Among those listed as attending (in order): Mrs Gaston Barclay, Mr and Mrs Frank Barclay, and Misses Jessie and Inez Barclay.

Susie H Barclay, wife1245 of Frank Barclay, of 398 Fourth St, Brooklyn, died1245 in 1897. In 1899, Frank's mother Caroline (Sease) Barclay died1236, and the funeral services were to be at the residence of her son, 393(8?) Fourth Street.

In 1900891, daughters Inez and Jessie, both listed as "niece," are living in the household of Jessie Thompson (head of family, female, single) with Caroline B Thompson (sister, single). Of note, the address given for that dwelling is 393 Fourth St. Father Frank's sister Harriet (Barclay) Hudson, husband John, their children, and Gaston Barclay (Frank's father) are living a few doors away at 389 Fourth St.

In 1905, Frank Barclay, wife Frances, and his children Inez, Jessie and Lyle, resided1242 at 30 Halley Terrace in Yonkers, NY. In 1920, still residing1244 at that address, Frank and Frances had residing with them Frances' sister Esther Kellow and Esther's husband Martin.

In 1925, Frank and Frances resided2268 in the household of Martin and Esther Kellow in Yonkers.

Frank died4331 as a results of injuries incurred when he was struck by an automobile while crossing Warburton Ave in front of his home. Frank died without leaving a will, and wife Frances was appointed executrix for his estate.

Determining Susie's marriage to Frank and her maiden name provides an example of adventure that genealogical research provides. In an 1892 census record1238, "Susan Barclay" is listed immediately below Frank Barclay. That census does not indicate the relationship of individuals in a household, but it is assumed that Susan is Frank's wife. "Susan Barclay" doesn't otherwise appear in census records. However, a death listing appears1245 in Brooklyn which names "Susie H Barclay," wife of Frank Barclay, who died at 398 Fourth St, where Frank appears in several other references. In an article1247 published in New York, suspicions concerning the circumstances of the death of Theodore Hunter are discussed. Specifically, he arose the morning of March 16, 1891, apparently in good health; he ate a breakfast prepared by his housekeeper, Anna Murray, began work on his farm, soon became quite ill and was dead shortly after midnight that evening.

A will, dated just 4 days before Theodore's death, was entered into probate by Anna Murray shortly after the funeral which left $1000 each to two distant relatives of Theodore and the remainder of his estate, some $25000, to Anna. Perhaps unrelated, it appears that several days before his sudden death, Anna had ordered arsenic from a druggist, stating that it was "to kill rats."

The article mentions that Theodore's only close relatives were children of "his sister Catherine, the wife of the late Augustus Thompson," among them, "Mrs. Barclay, wife of Frank Barclay," a merchant at Amsterdam (NY). In that one paragraph, the genealogist is provided with Susan's parents, Augustus and Catherine (nee Hunter) Thompson. Further search easily results in census records, one of which lists Susan as "Susie H."

Child 3. Lyle

Although son Lyle appears in 19051242 with his father Frank and Frank's second wife Frances, Lyle's birth index3350 entry identifies his mother as Susie H Thompson.

Lyle's middle name is assumed from the burial index4334 for Green-wood cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. There are several Barclays buried in the same section and lot there, where can be identified with Gaston Barclay, his wife Caroline S, some of their children and some of their grandchildren. His deathdate is assumed to be just a few days prior to the date of his burial, Apr 26, 1906. His deathplace is assumed from his appearance in the 1905 census for Yonkers, NY.

Children of Franklin BARCLAY and Susan (Susie) H THOMPSON:

1. Inez H BARCLAY1238 b. 1882 Oct891 at New York891.
md. Paul L KIRBY
2. Jessie Caroline BARCLAY1238 b. 1884 Oct891 at New York891.
md. Roger Henwood MOTTEN
3. Lyle Stevenson BARCLAY1242 b. 1897 Feb 33350 at Brooklyn, NY3350. d. 1906 Apr~ at prob Yonkers, NY. bd. Green-wood Cem., Brooklyn, NY4334.

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