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Family of Joseph Glaspie BARKLEY and Elizabeth A BARKLEY

Joseph Glaspie BARKLEY b. 1826 Oct1666 at New York1283. d. 1907 Feb 61664 at Southfield, Michigan1664. bd. Franklin Cem., Franklin, Michigan840.
Elizabeth A BARKLEY b. 1836 Oct1666 at Michigan1665. bd. Franklin Cem., Franklin, Michigan840.

Married1665 1880~1666. In 19001666, Joseph and Elizabeth are listed as married for 20 years. That implies that Elizabeth may have been Joseph's second wife.

As the 1900 census1666 lists Joseph and Elizabeth as married 20 years, that implies Elizabeth was his second wife. Headstone inscriptions imply Joseph's first wife was Mary. As a result, it is assumed that Mary, rather than Elizabeth, was the mother of Joseph's children as listed in 18801665. In addition, Elizabeth's headstone (which reads "ELIZABETH A. WIFE OF ..", sinking into ground) is located next to Joseph's headstone. Joseph's headstone reads "J. GLASPIE BARKLEY 1826 - 1907," the source of his middle name.

In 19001666, Elizabeth is listed as the mother of 2, 1 living.

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