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Family of Kenneth Harold VEAZIE and Virginia M GOULETTE

Married114 1952 Aug 11114.

Children of Kenneth Harold VEAZIE and Virginia M GOULETTE:

1. Katherine Anne VEAZIE371 b. 1953 Jul 15371 at Dexter, Maine371.
2. Patricia Mary VEAZIE371 b. 1955 Sep 9371 at Dexter, Maine371.
3. Sharon Elaine VEAZIE371 b. 1957 Mar 20371 at Dexter, Maine371.
4. Richard Grant VEAZIE371 b. 1959 Nov 13371 at Dexter, Maine371.
md. Margaret Susan CLARK
5. Robert Kenneth VEAZIE371 b. 1962 Oct 18371 at Dexter, Maine371.
md. Kelly Jo WINTLE

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371. Maine, Corinna, Extracts from Town Records, Pamela D Buck, Town Clerk, 6-29-2001