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Family of William Wirt VAN ZANDT and Esther A VAN ZANDT

William Wirt VAN ZANDT b. 1806 Nov 132652 at Albany, NY2652. d. 1871 Jan 302651 at at his residence, Lockport, NY2652. bd. Albany Rural Cem., Menands, NY2651.
Esther A VAN ZANDT b. 1822 Jul~2651 at New York1901. d. 1854 Feb 132651. bd. Albany Rural Cem., Menards, NY2651.

Married1901 2).

In 1850, an Ester Van Zandt, age 27, is enumerated with William Van Zandt and children.

William's full name is given in his obituary2652. Albany Rural Cemetery records2651 record 4 candidates for his wives, all buried in William's plot (lot 53, section 40): Catharine, 1811-1845; Eshter A, 1822-1854; Louisa M, 1821-1849; and Jane J, 1821-1876. Of the four, Louisa was not clearly one of his wives. Headstones840 for Catharine and Jane each indicate William as their spouse. Esther appears in the 1850 census1901 and is likely a wife and mother of one or more of his children.

Esther is listed without reference in cemetery info2651 as the wife of W W Van Zandt. Esther appears with William and children in the 1850 census but not thereafter, so it is likely the Esther A Van Zandt listed in that cemetery info was, indeed, the wife of William Wirt Van Zandt.

Child 1. Kate

As William was married to Esther no later than 1850 and Esther died in 1854, it is assumed that Esther is Kate's mother.

Child 2. Nelly

As William married Esther no later than 1850, and Esther died in 1854, it is assumed that Esther was Nelly's mother.

Children of William Wirt VAN ZANDT and Esther A VAN ZANDT:

1. Kate VAN ZANDT2646 b. 1851~2649 at Niagara Co., NY2646.
2. Nelly VAN ZANDT2649 b. 1852~2649 at New York2649.

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