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Family of William Wirt VAN ZANDT and Catharine VAN ZANDT

William Wirt VAN ZANDT b. 1806 Nov 132652 at Albany, NY2652. d. 1871 Jan 302651 at at his residence, Lockport, NY2652. bd. Albany Rural Cem., Menands, NY2651.
Catharine VAN ZANDT b. 1811 Sep 122651. d. 1845 Jul 302651. bd. Albany Rural Cem., Menards, NY2651.

This marriage is identified as a placekeeper for the parents of Ruthven Porter Van Zandt. As yet (Mar, 2013), Ruthven's mother is not identified. In 1850, William (Vansant) Van Zandt has listed1869 in his household: Ester Van Zandt, age 27; H C Van Zandt, age 14, Ruth (male=Ruthven) P Van Zandt, age 9; Sarah W Van Zandt,age 7; and two others, likely domestic servants. It is assumed that Ester is not the mother of (at least) Hermione and Ruthven, and, if Ester is William's wife in that record, it is a second (or later) marriage for William.

William's full name is given in his obituary2652. Albany Rural Cemetery records2651 record 4 candidates for his wives, all buried in William's plot (lot 53, section 40): Catharine, 1811-1845; Eshter A, 1822-1854; Louisa M, 1821-1849; and Jane J, 1821-1876. Of the four, Louisa was not clearly one of his wives. Headstones840 for Catharine and Jane each indicate William as their spouse. Esther appears in the 1850 census1901 and is likely a wife and mother of one or more of his children.

Catharine's headstone840 states she was the "Wife of W W Van Zandt." The transcription is given as died Jul 30, 1835, aged 38 years, indicating a birthyear of 1797. The headstone appears worn and the burial record2651 indicating her lifespan as 1811-1845 is given precedence - comparing transciptions of other headstones in that cemetery with the burial records for the same individuals indicates it is more likely the burial records are correct. Also supporting that assumption, at least 2 deed transactions2860 in Albany Co., NY, list as the Grantor "Van Zandt, William W., wife Catharine," one in 1835 and one in 1837. In addition, as there appears to be no other appropriate candidates for the mother of Clarence L, Hermione, Ruthven and Sarah who was reasonably old enough to bear children and who died after Sarah's birthdate, a deathdate of 1845 vs 1835 is more consistent.

Child 4. Sarah

Sarah, AKA Sada, lived with her parents in 1850. In 1855 and 1860, she was living with her brother Clarence and Clarence' wife Mary. Her birthdate is calculated from her age2651 at death: 19y 10m 5d.

Children of William Wirt VAN ZANDT and Catharine VAN ZANDT:

1. Clarence L VAN ZANDT2648, 1266 b. 1833~890 at New York890. d. 1880890 at New York, NY890.
md. Mary Elizabeth MILLIKEN
2. Hermione C VAN ZANDT1901 b. 1836~1901 at New York1901. d. 1900 Mar 52647 at Milwaukee, WI2647.
md. Dudley S CRANDALL
3. Ruthven Porter VAN ZANDT1901, 0 b. 1841~2624 at New York2624. d. 1887 Apr 152526 at Hoboken, NJ2526.
md. Francenia BARKLEY
4. Sarah W VAN ZANDT1901, 0 b. 1843 Feb 162651 at New York1901. d. 1862 Dec 212651. bd. Albany Rural Cem., Menands, NY2651.

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