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Family of John FAXON and Lucy HARDWICK

John FAXON b. 1791 Jan 17841. d. 1845 May 2841.
Lucy HARDWICK b. 1798 Nov 29945 at Quincy, MA945. d. 1880 Sep 142613 at Quincy, MA2613. bd. Hancock Cem., (formerly) Old Braintree, MA880.

Married944 1823 Apr 13944 at Quincy, MA944.

John and Lucy were married by the Reverend Peter Whitney.

"History of the Faxon Family, containing a genealogy of .. Thomas Faxon," by2913 George L Faxon, apparently compiled ~1879, contains more information with regard to John Faxon (family 474, p 193 of that reference) than given herein. Those interested will find that reference more complete. Per Sprague841, John was a market man, or victualler, at the time of his death. He was "thrown down and his wagon passing over, he was killed instantly." His ten children were all living at his disease.

Lucy's brother Thomas P G Hardwick mentioned4521 in an 1865 affidavit that Lucy married John Faxon, "whom she now survives," and was living a widow in Quincy. Elsewhere in that affidavit, Thomas mentions that, among others, "Mary Elizabeth, daughter of her sister, Lucy Faxon," was bequeathed one share of the estate of [the sister of both Thomas and Lucy] Clarissa.

Lucy died a widower at the age of 81y 9m 16d.

In 1860860, Lucy Faxon had William L Faxon residing in her household. In 1870861, Lucy Faxon was head-of-household with Mary E Faxon, age 30, residing with her. The (separate) family of Luther W Anderson resided in the house. In 1880, Lucy Faxon, mother-in-law, resided862 in the household of Eben Peebles and his wife Mary E. That record indicates that Eben and Mary had married during the current year.

Child 1. Frederick

Frederick was unmarried and went to California in 1849. He was a druggist and lived in Sonora, CA.

Child 2. Francis

Francis md Apr 22, 1849, Elizabeth Faxon, dau of Joh and Judith B (Hardwick) Faxon. He was a general freight agent of the NYC Railroad at Boston, MA, and resided in Longwood. He and Elizabeth had 8 children.

Child 3. John

John md Feb 14, 1858, at sonora, CA, Evarista L DeMartinez. She was born Oct 26, 1836, dau of Deloses Martinez. John was a contractor and lived in Sonora, CA. He and Evarista had 6 children.

Child 4. Charles

Charles married Mar 21, 1851, Lucy Webb, b Jul 29, 1831, dau of Lemuel and Lucy (Collier) Webb of Scituate, MA. He was an agent of the Fitchburg and Cheshire RR and lived in Quincy. He and Lucy had 6 children.

Child 5. Lucy

Lucy married2913 Dec 15, 1858, George M Washburn, b Oct 30, 1832, son of Ephraim Hathaway and Sus Wilkins (Bigelow) Washburn of Middlebury, VT. He was a merchant. Lucy and George had 5 children.

In 18652954, George, Lucy and two sons, George B and Frederic B, resided with Lucy's mother, Lucy Faxon, in Quincy, MA.

Child 7. Nathaniel

Nathaniel married Jul 13, 1857, in Milwaukee, WI, Marion Josephine Hood, b Feb 19, 1839, in Cleveland, OH, dau of Joel and Vilonia Hood. Following her death, he md second, Fanny Smith of Rochester, NY, b Sep 12, 1838, dau of Israel and Augusta M (Otis) Smith. She died in Rochester, Nov, 1867. He married third, Oct 4, 1868, Lula D Greene, b Feb 11, 1847, dau of John F and Dolly (Peck) Greene of Geneva, NY. Nathaniel was a merchant and lived in Chicago, IL. He and his first wife Marion had 3 children.

Child 8. William

In 1850159 and 1860860, William resided with his mother Lucy in Quincy. He was listed as "student." William married Oct 15, 1863, Annie E Randall, b Sep 15, 1842, dau of John C and Elizabeth L Randall of Quincy, MA. He enlisted in the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment Volunteers in Apr 1861. He served as surgeon to various regiments, was appointed chief of the depot hospital, Fifth Corps at Fredericksburg, VA, and left as Chief of the Medical Department at Port Royal to become chief of the Fifth Corps hospital until the end of the war. He became superintendent of the "Sailors' National Home," in Quincy, MA, and lived in Quincy. He and Annie had 4 children.

Child 9. Samuel

In 1850159, Samuel W Faxon resided with his mother and siblings in Quincy. In that record, He and his sister Mary were bracketed with the indication "Twins."

Children of John FAXON and Lucy HARDWICK:

1. Frederick FAXON2913 b. 1823 Jun 62913 at Quincy, MA2913.
2. Francis Gray FAXON2913 b. 1825 May 162913 at Quincy, MA2913. d. 18722913.
3. John Thayer FAXON2913 b. 1827 Apr 282913 at Quincy, MA2913.
4. Charles Augustus FAXON2913 b. 1829 Mar 212913 at Quincy, MA2913.
5. Lucy Maria FAXON2913 b. 1833 May 32913 at Quincy, MA2913.
6. Ellis Gray Loring FAXON2913 b. 1834 Jan 182913 at Quincy, MA2913.
7. Nathaniel FAXON2913 b. 1835 Mar 102913 at Quincy, MA2913.
8. William Lyman FAXON2913 b. 1837 Mar 252913 at Quincy, MA2913.
9. Samuel Winslow FAXON2913 b. 1839 Oct 302913 at Quincy, MA2913. d. 1854 May 132913.
10. Mary Elizabeth FAXON2913 b. 1839 Oct 302913 at Quincy, MA2913.
md. Eben C PEEBLES

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