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Family of Charles A BLANCHARD and Priscilla Mae VEAZIE

Charles A BLANCHARD b. 1929840. d. 1996840. bd. St Joseph Cem., Keene, NH840.
Priscilla Mae VEAZIE b. 1934 Aug 231755 at Northfield, MA1755. d. 1985 Apr92 at (res) Florida92. bd. St Joseph Cem., Keene, NH840.


The obituary2604 for Priscilla's father Sherman C Veazie mentions daughter Priscilla Blanchard. The obituary3255 for Mary Katherine Vos mentions her parents Charles A Blanchard and Priscilla M Veazie.

Charles' headstone840 in St Joseph Cem., Keene, NH, lists only his birth- and death-years: 1929 - 1996. Unsourced information included in that memorial indicate he was born May 12, 1929, Bedford, Quebec, Canada, and died Apr 16, 1996, in Peterborough, NH. Also stated are his parents Donald Doon Blanchard and Laura Melvina Davis.

The 2006 obituary2604 for Sherman Veazie mentions perdeceased daughter Priscilla Blanchard. The birth records1755 for Northfield, Massachusetts, list the birth information for Priscilla Mae Veazie, daughter of Sherman C and Virginia I. (Hildreth) Veazie. The obituary3255 for Priscilla's daughter Mary Katherine also mentions Priscilla's husband Charles A Blanchard and son Donald Blanchard.

Children of Charles A BLANCHARD and Priscilla Mae VEAZIE:

1. Donald BLANCHARD3255
md. Dawn (w of Donald) BLANCHARD
2. Mary Katherine BLANCHARD3255 b. 1961 Jul 183255 at Keene, NH3255. d. 2012 Nov 33255 at at her home, Washington, NH3255. bd. St Joseph Cem., Keene, NH3255.
md. David V VOS

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