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Family of John GREENLEAF and Hannah VEAZIE

John GREENLEAF b. 1632~938. d. 1712 Dec 16938 at Boston, MA938.
Hannah VEAZIE b. 1644/45 Mar 182852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1712 Apr 4938 at Boston, MA938.

Married566 1665 Sep 26566 at Braintree, MA566.

Per Spague, John Greenleaf, at the time of his marriage to Hannah, was "of New York & Boston." His birthdate is estimated from his age at death938, about 80 yrs.

Hanna2852 "Veasy the daughter of William Veasy and Ellin his wiffe was borne the (18) (1) 1644." (Julian calendar) [marriage src 566:717; death src 938:16073.]

Hannah is mentioned in her father's will as daughter "Greenleafe."

Child 1. Elizabeth

Boston Births843, p 100, dau of John and "Ann"

Child 2. Hannah

Boston Births843, p 107.

Child 3. Mary

Boston Births843, p 114.

Child 5. William

Greenleaf Genealogy846: died young.

Child 8. Sarah

Birth src 843:160.

Child 9. William

Birth src 843:174. Bapt src 843:177 "William Groenleife Nov 6 [1687]" Death, in addition to src 846, src 843:193.

Children of John GREENLEAF and Hannah VEAZIE:

1. Elizabeth GREENLEAF843 b. 1666 Jul 19843 at Boston, MA843. d. 1711 Feb 11846.
2. Hannah GREENLEAF843 b. 1668 Oct 5843 at Boston, MA843.
3. Mary GREENLEAF843 b. 1670/1 Jan 23843 at Boston, MA843.
4. John GREENLEAF843 b. 1672/3 Feb 10843 at Boston, MA843.
md. (wife of John) GREENLEAF
5. William GREENLEAF843 b. 1675 Jun 13843 at (bapt) First Church, Boston, MA843.
6. Stephen GREENLEAF843 b. 1677/8 Mar 5843 at Boston, MA843.
md. (wife of Stephen) GREENLEAF
7. Samuel GREENLEAF843 b. 1680/1 Feb 26843 at Boston, MA843. d. 1737 Aug 7938 at Boston, MA938. bd. Boston, MA936.
md. Martha BULL
8. Sarah GREENLEAF843 b. 1683 Sep 3843 at Boston, MA843.
9. William GREENLEAF843 b. 1687 Nov 4843 at Boston, MA843. d. 1690 Aug 9843 at Boston, MA843.

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