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Family of William VEAZIE and Elinor (Ellen) THOMPSON

William VEAZIE b. 1616~687 at prob Gumley Parish, England2848. d. 1681 Jun 164255 at Braintree, MA4255. bd. Hancock Cem., Quincy, MA687.
Elinor (Ellen) THOMPSON b. 1625~2854 at England841. d. 1711 Apr 23687 at prob Quincy, MA687. bd. Hancock Cem., Quincy, MA687.

Married394 1643~841.

William Veazie is the progenitor of a major line of Veazies in the United States. He emigrated from England in the mid 1600s to Braintree, Massachusetts. His descendants, until the early 1900s, settled mostly north of the Mason-Dixon line, though there is evidence that one or more Veazies of this line settled in the Deep South - New Orleans and possibly Mississippi - well before the Civil War. However, his descendants are now (2015) spread across the continent, from north to south.

According to Miss Elizabeth French2848, William is probably the son of Richard Vesey of Gumley Parish, Co. Leicester, England, citing documents in which William constituted Henry Newbon of Caldecot, Co. Rutland, England, documented as administrator of Richard Vesey's estate, to recover house and lands in Gumley, likely those of Richard Vesey.

Possibly the earliest record of this man, William Veazie ("Willi: Phese") was made a freeman6000, Massachusetts Bay, May 10, 1643 ("Made free the 10th 3th mo. 1643"). That entry is from the second volume of records: "the names of such as took the oath of freemen … All are in the handwriting of Secretary Nowell." See also Andrews5999, French2848 and Sprague841 for similar.

The town records4255 of Braintree, MA, mention William (variously as Veza and Vesey) several times - 1651: (p 3) James Couvey to William Veza, 19 acres; 1656: he voted in dissent regarding administration of the Braintree common; 1670, 1672 and 1673: mentioned as a town selectman.

William's birthdate is assumed from his age at death, per his gravestone, which reads: "Here lyes beried ye Body of Mr. William Veazay aged 65, Died ye 16 June, 1681."

The will (Massachusetts Wills and Probate, of William Veezy "of Braintery," written June 3, 1681, less than 2 weeks before his death, is relatively lengthy. It was likely that the text itself was written by someone else, as it is sealed with a mark. Following the specification that all debts and dues be paid by his executor, he willed to his wife Ellen ("Elen"), as long as she "remains a widow bearing my name," one half of his house and barn, orchard, cattle, moveables, lands, and meadow, reserving only "Aldridge's farm," that to be sold to pay his daughters. In case she remarried or "change her condition," as mentioned "in the marriage covenant," she was to have 20 pounds, and son Solomon was to receive her part. She was to return those 20 pounds to any of the children she pleased at her own decease.

His eldest son William is mentioned next - after the death of his mother Ellen, to receive 5 pounds in corn or cattle. Son William's portion was not to be equal "with the rest" because he had already received "considerably of [William's] estate at marriage & sinc[e]."

Son Solomon had been given "sufficient," as expressed in a particular covenent, previously signed and sealed by William.

Son Samuel "Vezy" was to receive the house and land "at Boston." If he were to die unmarried or without issue, then the "rest" should be distributed among William's children, with (specifically) son William to receive a double ("doble") portion.

His daughters, referred to earlier, were mentioned next. They were "Greenleafe" (Hannah, md John Greenleaf) [20 pounds], Abigail Thayer ("Abgaill Tayr") [3 score pounds from the estate she had already received], Ellen ("Elen"), Mehitable {"Mahitabell Vezy"), and Mercy "Vezy" [3 score pounds at the day of their marriage, from what wife Ellen could spare from her portion; the remainder to be paid after Ellen's decease.] Daughter Elizabeth isn't mentioned specifically. She may have been left out because she had married (to James Allison.) But it seems more likely she had already died as, with regard to his daughters, William made a specific bequeathal to married daughter (Hannah) Greenleaf.

After his wife's decease or at twenty five years, Christian Allison ("Alison") (his granddaughter by daughter Elizabeth) was to receive 20 pounds, if (Christian) were not deceased.

After his wife's decease, if any of the estate remained after all the above distributions, the remainder was to be equally distributed - with the exceptions that Solomon was exempted, and son William was to receive a double portion. Lastly, his wife Ellen was to be sole executrix.

The will was signed "the 3d day of june 1681," by Wiliam Vezy ("his W mark"), witnessed by D'n Sam'll Tompson and John Bass.

Elinor is identified variously as Hellen2854, Ellin, Ellen, Eleanor and Elinor. Son Samuel Veazie's will841, Suffolk Probate, 11:243, mentions "mother Elinor French." Following William's death, Elinor married John French, concluded from her gravestone in Hancock Cem (Pattee687, p 124) (as well as other documents).: "Here lyes ye Body of Mrs. Elinor French, Wife of Mr. John French, aged 85 Years. Deceased April 23, 1711."

John Marshall842 records in Apr of 1711: "mrs helen french, the mother of willyam veasie : and daughter of the Rev'd mr William Thompson. Deceased dyed april 23 : aged 85 years 1711 : an aged saint."

Children of William VEAZIE and Elinor (Ellen) THOMPSON:

1. Hannah VEAZIE2852 b. 1644/45 Mar 182852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1712 Apr 4938 at Boston, MA938.
2. William (Ensign) VEAZIE2852 b. 1647 Oct 6567 at Braintree, MA567. d. 1725 Feb 24 bef4930. bd. Christ Church, Boston, MA4930.
3. Solomon VEAZIE2852 b. 1650 May 112852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1731/2 Feb 26937 at Braintree, MA937.
md. 1) Elizabeth SAUNDERS
md. 2) Sarah PARMENTER
4. Elizabeth VEAZIE2852 b. 1653 Oct 132851 at Braintree, MA2851. d. bef 1690 Nov 27?4268.
md. James ALLISON
5. Samuel VEAZIE394 b. 1656 Aug 242852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1696 Dec843 at at sea841.
md. 1) Mary TALMAGE
md. 2) Mary VERGOOSE
6. Ellen VEAZIE394 b. 1659 Jun 32852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1722 Jun~841.
md. 1) Stephen Jr PAYNE
md. 2) Joseph CROSBY
7. Abigail VEAZIE394 b. 1661~2852. d. 1727 Aug 62852 at Braintree, MA2852.
md. Thomas THAYER
8. Mehitable VEAZIE2852 b. 1665/66 Feb 172852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1741 May 18880. bd. Hancock Cem., Quincy, MA880.
md. Josiah FISHER
9. Mercy Mary VEAZIE567 b. 1669/70 Jan 202852 at Braintree, MA2852. d. 1741 Aug 82852 at Braintree, MA2852. bd. Hancock Cem., Quincy, MA687.
md. John Jr RUGGLES

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