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Family of Francis WILLIAMS and Mary Ann HARDWICK

Francis WILLIAMS b. 1803~159 at Massachusetts159.
Mary Ann HARDWICK b. 1812 Feb 25945 at Quincy, MA945. d. 1866 Sep 12613 at Quincy, MA2613.

Married944 1831 Sep 27944 at Quincy, MA944. The intention944 of marriage for Francis Williams and Miss Mary Ann Hardwock, "both of Quincy," was filed Sep 11, 1831, in Quincy.

Francis was a successful merchant (currier), dealing in leather goods. In 1870861, his real estate value was $15000; his personal estate was $40000.

Miss Mary Ann Hardwick married945 Francis Williams, Sep 27, 1831, in Quincy, MA. In an 1865 affidavit4521, her brother, Thomas Hardwick, mentions his sister Mary Ann, "married Francis Williams, with whom she is now living in Quincy." About 1867, Mary A Williams received4509 1/105 ($259.45) of the estate of Joseph Veazie.

Mary A Williams, "M.N. Harwick," died in Quincy, MA, Sep 1, 1866, of consumption.

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