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Family of Ebenezer VESEY and Mary MILLER

Ebenezer VESEY b. 1730 Jun 21841 at (bapt) Braintree, MA841. d. bef April, 1782800 at porb. At sea800.
Mary MILLER b. 1734 May 21389 at Braintree, MA389.

Married389 1758 Jun 21389 at Christ Church, Braintree, MA389.

Ebenezer Vesey signed his will4942 in Braintree, MA, Feb 10, 1760, before witnesses Ebenezer Miller "Jun'r," Joseph Cleverly and Esther Cleverly. That will, "of Ebenezer Vesey late of Braintree Marriner deceased," was probated in Boston, Apr 17, 1782. He willed his estate to his wife Mary, who, should she remarry, would be entitled to half of his estate, the remainder to go to the upbringing of his "Son or Children." That latter phrase is consistent with his known children, of whom son Ebenezer was his only child at the time.

Sprague has Ebenezer's death date as "about April 1762," apparently assuming that his will was probated soon after his death. As Ebenezer was a mariner, and no specific record or indication of a burial is in evidence, he may have died earlier at sea, and his will probated only after he was known to have died.

Ebenezer's wife Mary is likely the Widow Vesey in the 1790 census for Braintree.

The cemetery of the First Church, Quincy, was, for nearly 200 years, uninclosed and used as a pasture for cattle (Pattee687, p 114.) In 1808, to bring a halt to that usuage, some citizens of the town purchased the right of "herbage and pasturage" in the cemetery from Ebenezer, Mottram and Mary Vesey. In 1809, the cemetery was deeded to the citizens of Quincy.

Mary was baptized389 at Christ Church, Braintree, MA, Jun 2, 1734, the daughter of Ebenezer and Martha(sic) Miller.

Child 1. Ebenezer

Ebenezer was bapt4096 May 3, 1796. In 1791, Ebenezer Vesey, and his brother Mottram, signed a petition (Pattee687 p 58) for the North Precinct of Braintree (and others) for the separation from Braintree into a distinct township. Following incorporation of the town of Quincy from the North District of Braintree in 1792, Pattee687, p 85, records that Eben. Vesey was elected town clerk in the first town meeting. Sprague841 has Ebenezer died single.

Child 2. Mottram

Mottram Vesey was elected town clerk (Pattee687 p 95) of Quincy, Mar 6, 1800, at the "annual meeting." His death notice (Columbian Centinel, Boston, MA, Sat, Jul 16, 1825, p 2, read: "In Quincy, Mr. Motram Veazie, aged 64, for many years town Clerk, Postmaster, &c."

Children of Ebenezer VESEY and Mary MILLER:

1. Ebenezer VESEY4096 b. 1759 May 24096 at Braintree, MA4096. d. 1816 Mar 2841.
2. Mottram VESEY841 b. 1761 May 5841 at Braintree, MA841. d. 1825 Jul 103272 at Quincy, MA3272.

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