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Family of William WOOD and Beulah VEAZIE

Married944 1804 Dec 27944 at Quincy, MA944.

William and Beulah (reads "Bulah" in marriage record) were married by Revd Peter Whitney.

William WOOD d. 1831 Mar 28800 at Gloucester, MA800.

Hillman800 states without reference that William was killed by the fall of a great weight of rocks in a quarry where he was working in Gloucester.

Though Beulah's mother's name is not listed on her baptism record, Beulah Weston is assumed from Elijah's marriage dates. AVB2786 has Beulah's birthdate as Nov 24, 1786. Beulah (Veazie) Wood died of "old age," a widower, at the age 75y 11d.

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