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Family of Henry Turner GAY and Nancy BAXTER

Married951 1789 Aug 23841.

Nancy BAXTER b. 1767 Nov 15841 at (bapt)841. d. 1806 May 28841. bd. Christ Ch Cem, Quincy, MA841.

Much of the information regarding Henry T Gay was extracted from NEHGR V33, p52, from the article "John Gay, of Dedham, Massachusetts." The mother of each child is from Henry's marriages date and the birthdate of the child.
Sprague: Nancy was the daughter of Capt Joseph & Ann (Adams) Baxter.

Children of Henry Turner GAY and Nancy BAXTER:

1. Elizabeth GAY951 b. 1790 Jun 4951 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1823 Sep 9841 at Quincy, MA841.
2. Benjamin GAY951 b. 1792 Jul 11951 at Quincy, MA841.
md. Nancy CARR
3. Ann Adams GAY951 b. 1794 Aug 3951 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1865 Oct 20841. bd. Christ Church, Quincy, MA841.
md. unkn (h of Ann Gay) DRURY
4. Abigail GAY951 b. 1796 Sep 8951 at Quincy, MA841.
md. Samuel HUDSON
5. Henry GAY951 b. 1798 Dec 1951 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1806 Nov 2841 at Quincy, MA841.
6. Ebenezer GAY951 b. 1803 Jul 1951 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1805 Sep 24841 at Quincy, MA841.
7. Charles Ebenezer GAY951 b. 1806 May 16951 at Quincy, MA841. d. 1854 Jan 10951.
md. Lucy RICE

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