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Family of Matthew Jr BINNEY and Mary Helen ROSS

Matthew Jr BINNEY b. 1830~470 at MA470.
Mary Helen ROSS b. 1833 May 2967 at Boston, MA967. d. 1912 Mar 31967 at 48 Winthrop St, Boston, MA967. bd. Forest Hills Cem, Boston, MA967.

Married855 1858 Oct 19855 at Charlestown, MA855. mvr 1841-1910 118:105
In 1850, Matthew was a clerk, perhaps working for his father who manufactured umbrellas. In 1860, he owned and/or ran an umbrella store and had a total worth of $54000. In 1870 and 1880, apparently following in his father's footsteps, or perhaps running his father's business, he was a manufacturer of parasols. In 1900, he had apparently retired as he was then a "Gentleman." In 1910, his occupation was "Trustee," perhaps again following in his father's footsteps as a trustee for The Committee of Relief of the Massachusetts Charitible Mechanic Association, chartered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The charter states: "..the annual income of said Corporation shall only be employed for the purpose of relieving the distresses of unfortunate Mechanics and their families, to promote inventions and improvements in the Mechanic Arts, by granting premiums for said inventions and improvements ; and to assist young Mechanics with loans of money."
Per Mary's death certificate (967 1910/12 Deaths:433), she died, married, at the age of 78y 10m 29d of bronchitis (1 month, 9 days), complicated by a dilated heart. That certificate also lists her father, mother, and their places of birth. Her birthdate is calcuated from her age at death.

Children of Matthew Jr BINNEY and Mary Helen ROSS:

1. Matthew (3) BINNEY855 b. 1867 Oct 28855 at Boston, MA855.
2. Maud H BINNEY939 b. 1869 Dec 9855 at Boston, MA855.

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