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DirectX Animated Character Models

Created From ValveSource SMD Format Files

Exported from SoftImage XSI 4.2 Mod Tool®

Note: The SoftImage XSI 6 Mod Tool® differs significantly from XSI 4.2 in the way it exports files. When exporting ValveSource SMD files, it deletes bones and rearranges the skeleton for skinned meshes, ignoring the SMD export options. Alternative skeleton construction is required to circumvent that "optimization." See What You'll Need to download a skeleton to use in XSI 6 which is compatible with the use of SMD2X as described in this series of articles.

This series of articles describes the creation of DirectX X-file format files of animated character models, suitable for import into DirectX applications. The character models and animations are created in Mod Tool®, exported to SMD files using the ValveSource AddOn. Using SMD2X, an application written by VzSoft, SMD reference and skeletal animation files are imported and combined. From SMD2X, DirectX X-file format files, both non-animated and animated, can be exported. The exported X-files are compatible for import and animation with DirectX software.


What You'll Need

Creating Non-Animated Character Models in Mod Tool

Creating Animated Character Models in Mod Tool

Using SMD2X to export Static Model DirectX X-files

updated 24-Apr-2008