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Family of Thomas A VEAZIE and Julia A YATES

Thomas A VEAZIE b. 18221837 at Rome, NY1845. d. 1896 Apr 111837 at 143 1-2 West Water St, Elmira, NY1845. bd. Evergreen Cem., Torrey, NY1837.
Julia A YATES b. 18151837 at New York1838. d. 1863 Jun 185463 at Watkins Glen, NY5463. bd. Evergreen Cem., Dresden, NY1837.

Married800 1842~1838.

The marriage date for Thomas and Julia is an estimate based on the age of daughter Sarah1838, 6 years, in 1850.

In June, 1863, Thomas, age 43 (?), landlord, registered for the draft927 while resident in Dix, NY. Thomas was primarily a hotel entrepreneur. He worked at, owned and operated hotels in Yates County, NY; Seneca, Prattsburg, and Elmira, NY; and Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.

Thomas's sister, Mary J Hayden, mentions in an 1865 affidavit4515 that Thomas was (at that time) living in Jefferson [New York.] The obituary5463 for Thomas' wife, Julia, mentions her as the "wife of Thomas Veazie, of the Jefferson House." It's not clear whether Thomas owned or operated the hotel.

For the interested, the site will provide many newspaper articles regarding his movements and activities throughout the area of Tioga Co., PA, and Steuben, Chemung and Yates counties in New York.

Julia's obituary5463, published July 4, 1863, states she died in "Watkins, Schuyler Co., N. Y., on Thursday, the 18th ult." The Yates Co. Cemetery project1837 has Jun 19, 1863, perhaps her burial date.

Clues to Julia's parents, as yet unknown: in 1900, Anna Yates, born Mar 1822, single, with a relationship to head of household "Aunt," resided380 in Elmira, NY, with the family of Anna (Veazie) Burt, Julia's younger daughter. Anna Burt. Anna, son George J Burt, and Anna Yates That Burt family resided in the same dwelling owned by Sarah H (Veazie) Havens, Julia's older daughter. In the censuses of 1855, 1860 and 1880, Ann/Angeline Yates resided with her "sister" (as enumerated) Jane Yates. In the later censuses, it appears Jane and Ann boarded single women in their home.

The 1885 obituary4575 of Miss Jane Yates states that she and her sister, Miss Angeline Yates, resided together, and "have been active in every good work," perhaps referring to the boarding of those single women.

The 1909 obituary4576 of Angeline R Yates states she died at the residence of her niece, Mrs A H Burt (Anna Veazie Burt). Survivors are listed as three nieces Mrs Sarah Havens of Elimira, Mrs A H Burt of Ithaca, and Cornelia Whitbeck of Pittsford, Michigan; one nephew, Volkert Whitbeck of Pittsford, Michgan. Sarah Havens and A H Burt are Sarah and Anna Veazie, daughters of Thomas and Julia Veazie. Cornelia Elizabeth and Volkert Jacob Whitbeck were children4577 of Jacob Whitbeck and Gertrude Yates. They died in Pittsford, Michigan, in 1915 and 1914 respectively. That information indicates that Julia had, in addition to Ann/Angeline and Jane Yates, a sister Gertrude.

Pending further information, Gertude, Julia, Ann and Jane Yates are shown herein as sisters, and daughters of (unknown male) and (unknown female) Yates.

Child 3. Cornelius

His obituary4574 says he, the only son of Thomas and Julia Veazie, died of diphtheria at the age of 5 years. His remains were taken to Dresden for interment.

Children of Thomas A VEAZIE and Julia A YATES:

1. Sarah H VEAZIE1838 b. 1844~ Jan1838 at New York1838. d. 1912 May 151857 at the home of her sister Mrs A H Burt, Ithaca, NY2804. bd. Woodlawn Cem., Elmira, NY1857.
md. Samuel Newell HAVENS
2. Anna H VEAZIE1846 b. 1855 Jan380 at New York1846. d. 1934 Jul 274571 at home of son George J Burt, Rochester, NY4571. bd. Woodlawn Cem., Elmira, NY840.
md. George J BURT
3. Cornelius Yates VEAZIE1846 b. 1857~1846 at New York1846. d. 1862 Dec 194574 at Geneva, NY4574. bd. Evergreen Cem., Torrey, NY1837.

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