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Family of Samuel WHITE and Elizabeth Catherine HARDWICK

Samuel WHITE b. at Boston, MA2613. d. 1863 bef4521.
Elizabeth Catherine HARDWICK b. 1807 Jul 3945 at Quincy, MA945. d. 1859 Dec 72613 at Quincy, MA2613.

Married944 1828 Apr 10944 at Quincy, MA944.

Elizabeth and Samuel were married by the Revd Peter Whitney.

The death record3271 for daughter Francis E Whitcher, widow of William W Whitcher, lists her father's birthplace as Boston.

Elizabeth C White (dau of Adam & Sarah Hardwick), a widow, died2613 Dec 7, 1859, of consumption at the age of 52y 5m.

In an 1865 affidavit4521, Elizabeth's brother Thomas P G Hardwick stated that his sister Elizabeth married Samuel White, and they both died prior to 1863. He listed names and residences of her living children (as of 1865) as follows: Samuel H, of Chicago, Ill.; Franklin B. of Milton; Sarah, wife of John A Preston of Dorchester; and Frances, widow of Warren Whicher, dec'd., of Quincy.

Child 1. Frances

In an 1865 affidavit4521, Frances' uncle, Thomas P G Hardwick, states that Frances (daughter of his sister Elizabeth and Samuel White), "of Quincy," was the widow of Warren Whicher, deceased. About 1867, Frances E Whicker received4509 1/420 ($64.86)of the estate of Joseph Veazie.

The death certificate3271 for Frances E Whitcher, widow, lists her husband as William W Whitcher, and her parents as Samuel White and Elizabeth C Hardwick. Frances died of cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 72y 2m 2d. She was buried at "Milton Cem."

Children of Samuel WHITE and Elizabeth Catherine HARDWICK:

1. Frances Elizabeth WHITE945 b. 1829 May 7945 at Quincy, MA945. d. 1907 Jul 93271 at 17 Melville Ave, Boston, MA3271. bd. Milton Cem., Milton, MA3271.
2. Franklin Bartlett WHITE945 b. 1830 Dec 29945 at Quincy, MA945.
3. Sarah Veazie WHITE945 b. 1832 Oct 23945 at Quincy, MA945. d. 1897 Jun 23855 at Hyde Park, MA855. bd. Fairview855.
md. John A PRESTON
4. Clara Augusta WHTIE2891 b. 1838 Mar 42891 at Quincy, MA2891.
5. Samuel Harrison WHITE945 b. 1842 Mar 16945 at Quincy, MA945.

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